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Packing vs. Not Packing

Packing vs. Not Packing

I know every person and situation is different, but generally if someone does for example a 30 min. Session in a tube in which they can pack vs. A 30 min. Session in a tube in which they can’t pack. Would the temporary results be much different? Also what if with that same situation was present but for a longer period of time for example 3 months consistently. Would those results be much different?

Oh and for clarification I’m not talking about a big difference in tube sizing, I’m speaking of sizes that are only 1 size up for example 1.75 inch vs. 2 inch.

Dam, nobody can help on this? Come on.

In my understanding, if you can pack the tube, you are going to get more length benefits. If there is no where to go laterally then the tissue will have to lengthen. If your tube is wider then you will get more lateral girth expansion. I don’t think the time factor has much effect on the results.

Check out this thread, it has some good info on the subject.

Selecting Your Cylinder Size

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