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Packing Tube - Higher HG's (How Dangerous?)

Packing Tube - Higher HG's (How Dangerous?)

I have two tubes - 1.75 and 2”

Here is what I’m trying to achieve: A good stretch in the tube at a safe pressure that exceeds my bone pressed erect length.

Here are the facts:

1. I can pack the 1.75 fairly quickly and in order to get any stretch beyond my normal bone pressed length, I have to increase pressure beyond 5hg’s.

2. The 2” tube has plenty of room for me to grow and would take a very long pumping session to to pack more than 75% of my shaft.

So my questions are:

1. How much of a danger are higher HG’s when your already packing the tube?
2. What would actually be a safe routine to get a good stretch beyond my normal BPEL in the tube without being foolish?

CURRENT 04/11/2007 7.5 EBP X 5.25 EG Mid Shaft, 6.5 NBPEL!

GOAL 05/30/2008 8.5 EBP X 6.00 EG Mid Shaft, 7.5 NBPEL!

A couple of things to note:

1. 5hg’s is giving you a stretch. You may not see it but things are stretching.
2. Higher hg’s pull the cylinder even deeper into your fat pad which could be causing an illusion of a much greater stretch.

I don’t think higher hg’s are necessarily dangerous if you don’t go overboard and you aren’t feeling any pain but I question the effectiveness. I think the majority of PE’ers believe that the slow and steady approach is the best way to gain. I think that when you decide to speed things up or are too tough on your body, it goes into a defensive mode instead of a growth mode.

If I were you, I would incorporate a manual stretching routine along with no more than 5hg pumping sessions.

Gut Scramblin' goodness.

Good notes Gut scrambler.

I use higher hg’s, but its takes time to get your body use to it, and it deconditions quickly if you don’t do high hg’s for a time.

Pain is bad, and watch out for little red spots starting to show, your over doing it.

Its blood vessels bursting. Go Slow.

Successful PE takes patience and time. So when the choice is between high pressure/less time and low pressure/more time, choose the latter. I have already wasted a lot of my time using the former and it doesn’t work, so unless you want to confirm my bad results, choose low pressure, more time.

Oh yeah, your question about using high pressures after packing. When you use this technique you risk developing water blisters on the head and I speak from experience on this one also, they are a painful bitch that require a good weeks heal time.

What you want to do after packing is reduce pressure and restrict your time to say 10 minutes or so.

With vacuum pumping, you just can’t force results by using more pressure. It always turns out to be counter productive.

Got it! Thanks for your input guys!

CURRENT 04/11/2007 7.5 EBP X 5.25 EG Mid Shaft, 6.5 NBPEL!

GOAL 05/30/2008 8.5 EBP X 6.00 EG Mid Shaft, 7.5 NBPEL!

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