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Packing the Tube

Packing the Tube

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Packing the Tube after 4 months of Pumping — Priceless

Sorry for the Mastercard ad rip off but last night I fully packed (still a little air around the glans) my 2” tube after 4 months of pumping. It’s a nice feeling seeing and experiencing tthe growth, the results of which wifey got to experience this morning.

Congratulations on packing the tube Tallywacker! :buttrock:

Its time to start looking at a new tube when your glans start hitting the air valve and there’s no room left for your unit to go vertically and horizontally. Your next diameter increment should be to 2 1/4 and at least 2 inches above the length of your current tube.

Good work! keep it up! :)

If you knew you could not fail...what would you attempt to do? Female Foot Fetish Current Stats: 5/4/10 8.5BPx6.0, 7.5NBP Achieved Goal and have been on maintenance program since


Thanks for the good word, super.

Should have been more specific — I’m packing girthwise. Have about 2” to go lengthwise (the tube is 10”) to hit the end. I’ll get the 2.25” tube next but want to stick with my current tube for awhile to get some length gains.

For those interested, my routine is typically 2-4 sets at 10 minutes with cable squeezes and jelqs in between for 5-10 minutes. I go a little higher pressure than most, average around 8 hg, will go up to 11 hg for short periods. Works pretty well, I get some fluid on the underside of the glans afterwards (the old turkey neck look) but not enough for a donut. Definitely can feel it the next day. Was doing a 5 on 2 off routine but by the 4 or 5th day my pump wasn’t as good and the tally looked and felt a little beat up. So now I’m doing more of a 2/1 or 3/2 routine.

The pump that first workout back after a rest period is usually the best. That’s a sign to me that rest is important. Will stick with this routine as far at takes me. For me, the pump/squeeze/jelq routine has given my best feeling about PE relative to other methods and I will stay with it.

Hey Tally,

Way to go on packing! That sounds like a good routine you got there. What are cable squeezes? Haven’t heard of that before. WoW, you only like 2” hitting the air valve in your 10”? I can only dream. Just wondering, have you gained any length in the 4 month period with your routine?

I myself have been pumping now for almost 3.5 months with my LA pump 1.75 x 10” tube (very consistantly) and just about completely packing the tube after a 50 min session. I usually stay low with the hg at 4- 4.5”. If I go higher I almost always get a big donut later. Is there any trick to using higher hg levels without geting a DN? other than pumping consistantly.

Like you, I’m trying to gain some length in the tube but can’t seem to get any more than the 1/8” I intially gained. I also started lately on a 2 on 1 off routine cause my unit was getting worn out on a 5/2.

I jelk between pump sets as well. Milk for 15 min before pumping then alternate then on. It seems I’m only milking lymph after the first and second pump sets but that’s just the way of the pump I guess.

If anything has helped with length gains for you, would appreciate any advice that might help. I’m going to get a 2” tube very soon to help with increasing girth gains (what little actually stay) and work between the smaller and larger ones in one session. I’m thinking the added girth might also help gain length in the 1.75” tube.



I rarely measure as it leads to OCD behavior on my part. Plus it cause a fair amount of frustration as I remember when I first started PE I was gaining very marginally. So I can only tell you that I have gained since I started pumping but not how much. Like many who pump, I think gains have been better girthwise, but I’m hoping as I fill the tube more easily that length gains will slowly pick up.

The cable clamp that I’m referring to is from a post of about a year ago. You should be able to find it flipping back through the main page — it was a post with lots of posts. The clamp serves as an uli type device that can generate quite a lot of pressure, so be careful. You can get them from Home Dept for about two bucks. The one I have has a screw down top and is made of black plastic. I use theraband as a wrap underneath. My best pumps come when I alternate the pumping and the squeezes. I do some jelqing but not too much. Partly, it’s a boredom/laziness thing, but also I lose my erection pretty quickly, even with porn on.

The prinicple I’m trying to mimic is to expand the tissue through a combination of external pressure — the pump — and internal pressure — jelq/squeeze. It’s nothing new, a reiteration of what avocet and others have pointed out for a long time, but the combination is what I feel works best for me.

Good luck with your efforts. As I learned and continue to learn, slow and steady wins the race.


Yep, I agree. All we can do is take it slow and try to be optimistic toward the future. I don’t measure much any more myself as I know it just don’t work that way but I still measure once a month anyway. Thanks for the info on the clamp. I’m just doing jelking and pumping and trying to do rather intense workouts when I do. You can get lazy at this but when I think about that big pump I get form the tube that’s incentive enough to keep going. Hope you get some length do I. Tiger Dave says the ligs will loosen and stretch over time. He’s been at it for some years so I think he knows his stuff. We’ve just got a long way to go.

Good luck with your gains…keep going!


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