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Packing The Tube

Packing The Tube

Okay, I’ve read about the goal of packing the tube and working on length. Now, packing the tube by fluid build up or by a rigid cock with little or no fluid build up?

I can pack my little 1.75 tube, in about ten minutes, at 6 inHG. My dick is rigid but with a tiny bit of softness to it and no ring around the collar. If, I go an extra session, even at low vacuumn, I do put on a lot of fluid.

I understand that the fluid build up is not a good thing. So, how is the correct way to pack? Am I doing it right? Penis wants to know.

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If you’re looking to get length, it probably isn’t important at all to pack the tube if you are feeling good pull and stretch while under pressure.

You could be one of those guys who accumulates lymphatic fluid easily. You could try dropping your pumping sets from 10 min. to 5 or 6 min. each and see what happens.

People have differing views on fluid retention. I think a pure blood workout is best but so long as I don’t get a “doughnut” I’m OK with some fluid buildup if it gives me larger flaccid hang post-PE workout.



Is it a good thing to pull on the tube when i’m under pressure.

Originally Posted by apple6969
Is it a good thing to pull on the tube when i’m under pressure.


I learned that from my pumping Mentor, Tiger Dave. To move cylinder on my dick while in cylinder under vacuum pressure. Presumably this stimulates blood flow in your dick and can serve same purpose as taking a break. Once I sucked my nuts up into cylinder while doing this…so now I pull down on my nuts while moving cylinder on my dick.

Just my experiences…

OR eon

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