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Packing from bottom to top?

Packing from bottom to top?

Hi all,

When I pump I pack from the bottom of the tube upwards. When I first go into the tube erect I only pack about 1 inch at the bottom and then it slowly works it’s way up the tube.

Is this the same for you guys or do you get thicker uniformly up the shaft at the same time?

Also for length gains is it better to let the cylinder hang down to hit the ligs more?

Most penises are thicker at the base. That is why tubes are tapered, pressumably to help pack the penis along it’s length.

Your dick will gradually work it’s way up the tube simply because of the pull of the vacuum extending the penis and filling it with blood. Too much vacuum, or too rapid a vacuum Ie, heavy pumping and the veins don’t necessarily get the blood through them, and the only thing left to pull up is liquid which then leads to donuts forming.

I’m not sure about hanging down will extend the ligs, I haven’t noticed much in the way of pull there, but side to side pull I can feel quite well. Obviously too much wiil simply open the seal and allow air (or water) into the tube. I have found there is a greater pull on the ligs if I open my legs wider when the vacuum is quite high. whether this would work for everyone, I don’t know. But you could give it a try.

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One of the mentorees wrote recently to say that he was experiencing very uncomfortable lig stress when he allowed the cylinder to hang down, thus pulling his erection downward in a direction erecitions are not meant to go. When he stopped allowing that, the pain went away entirely.

My guess would be that for some, that continued weight downward just might change erection angle over time, from more up to more downward, but I haven’t any evidence to back that thinking up.



I have the belief, and during the last month have been experimenting with this, that a very high angle, as vertical as it can go, hits the ligs much harder.

What I’ve found is that -indeed- the ligs feel very much sore, even painful and the total measure of my dick inside the tube “is” about 1/2” less, due to the forced lig pull.

From these observations I’m inclined to conclude that holding the tube straight up (as much as possible) will eventually loosen the ligs much more than lower positions.

Will report further developments.

Petitfaun, thanks for the info. My tube is not tapered though.
I pump at 6hg 3 x 15 minutes, kegelling and Jelq in between. I do not get a donut.

I did try 7hg for 3 x 10 minute sets but got a few red spots from burst capillaries so don’t go above 6hg now.

I am not sure what you mean by rapid pumping but I go into the tube erect and then pump up to 5hg fairly quickly (a few seconds) because I lose my erection quickly without stimulation, then get up to 6hg.

I will try opening my legs while pumping to see if it pulls on the ligaments more.

Avocet, when I used to manually stretch whilst flaccid I would stretch somewhere between straight out and straight down, this would cause soreness in the ligaments which I took to be a good thing. It was not a pain though.
Now you mention it, erections are not meant to go in that direction and it does seem like not such a good idea for me to pump with the tube hanging downwards and it could lower my already unimpressive erection angle.

Hog6.5, interesting you should think that vertical pumping would hit the ligs harder. I would have thought the opposite to be true.
If you think it hits the ligs harder wouldn’t you be longer in the tube instead of 1/2” shorter?

Will be interested to read your future report.

In fact I was suggesting that you pump up to the higher vacuum slowly so as to let your penis slide up the tube more easily as it would expand more slowly.. This in turn should allow the skin to move up without too much stretching which could be causing the red spots.

I guess the reason why you pack the tube gradually is simply the blood takes longer to reach the top. Not a problem when you are out of the tube, but as you pack the bottom upwards, it must slow the blood flow due to the compression.

As you can see there are various forces interacting here, so you have to allow them to work in the way they happen.

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