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Packing for fixing a curve

Packing for fixing a curve

My main aim for pumping is girth. I do have a decently bad side curve that is not Peyronie’s disease . I was wondering if anybody has had any luck straightening their penis with packing and pumping? I’d think forcing the Penis straight under expansion would help? I have used extenders and had no luck. I am no longer worried about fixing as much but if will help that is a great bonus. I’ve seen a few threads like this but most when mention curve correcting using a pump is always off topic to using an extender or hanging and that might be more effective for that but I have no interest in pursuing those.

Dickerschwanz is right. Pumping can help to straighten a curve, but you really need to think about everything. Assess the causes of the curve: is it related to different-sized corpora cavernosa? Is there torsion (twisting)? Is there a hard area on one side, or peyronie’s?

I find it best to work against the causes of the curve. Consider stretching and bending in addition to the pumping. Jelq to one side, if you can figure out how to do that. As Dickerschwanz says, dress the other way - hang right if you have always hung left. And if it gets curled up all day in the pouch of briefs, switch to boxers!

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