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Packing a cylinder - HOW?


Originally Posted by Lampwick
Tinytim, I’m wondering how you got from when you started, when you took an hour or more to pack the cylinder, and now, when you can pack the tube in a few minutes. You shared about massaging to an erection, and the jelqs and squeezes. But would you say that you have experienced growth over the years that leads to you packing the cylinder more quickly, or is there something else that you associate with your success.

For me, one of those additional factors would be regularity. I know that over time, I pack more of the cylinder, and more quickly. The more I pump, and the more regularly, the more quickly and easily I pack the cylinder at the base, and the more quickly I pack more and more of the tube. So, for me, I’m thinking that some of this is growth, and some of it is just keeping my dick in the pattern of such expansion. I don’t really want to call that “conditioned” to expand, but it’s something like that. The more I pump (regularly, reasonably, moderately), the better and more predictable is the expansion. Is that a fair statement of your experience as well?

What you said,

Growth and regularity.

Anybody else try heating-pad and massager? I find by periodically holding a Hitachi on the tube (on-and-off, as long as I can take it without losing it), I can fill a tube quicker than without. I think the arousal helps to keep blood moving in faster than lymph fluid, as well as possibly assisting the heat to loosen up tissues a little more. Vibrations also pass down into the base tissues, though whatever that does I’m not sure but I imagine it doesn’t hurt.

Seems like the magic formula really is.. Heat (to soften) + vacuum (to stretch) + arousal (for blood circulation).


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