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Packages and Privacy

Packages and Privacy

Hey, I just wanted to alert you all to something that just happened to me TODAY!

I ordered a couple of cylinders from I decided to order from them because their cylinders have a ruler printed on the outside of them, and I liked their quality/price point.

Anyway, the mailman dropped off my package today while I was not home. I get alot of packages, and my postman knows to leave them with the lady two doors down when I’m not home.

Well, what I’m driving at is that the outside of the package said:


In any case, despite the fact that I was not home, he did not give the package to the lady 2 doors down… even though it was a warm day and she was sitting out on her front steps. I think it was because he had a little insight into what my package was all about. Rather, he put it on the back porch.

That was good, but, I live in a 2 family flat, and some married couple friends of mine FROM CHURCH live downstairs. Fortunately they had left that morning to go out of town. But, if they had received the package, or found it on the back porch, OH MY GOD!!!!!

Now, I’m not going to obsess over this because fortunately it didn’t happen. And, I’m not saying that I think pumping/penis enlargement is bad or anything, it’s just that it’s a very private matter, and it’s not something that I would go broadcasting to the world.

To be honest with you, I’m surprised that does this. Any other merchants selling products of this nature make it a point to be very discreet. But, anybody seeing this package could very well go to the web address and know all about what I was ordering.

I don’t think that these guys should be advertising their business on the outside of a package that is addressed to me. I just thought I’d give you all a heads up about this before you go ordering something from

I’m going to address it with them, and possibly even direct them to this post. I will not order from them ever again until they change their practice regarding this and explicitly state on their website that they ship their packages discreetly.

AUGGHHHH!!! I’m curious to hear what you all think of my experience.



To make matters worse, I opened my package, and the invoice says that one of my items was “shipped separately”. GHEEEZZZ. I guess that basically means that I’ll be receiving another package sometime soon that says

WWW.BOSTONPUMP.COM on the outside.

I hope I’m lucky with the next incoming package…

contract mail box

I use one of those mail box depot type places and suffer no embarrassment risk from anyone who really knows me. Cost just $40 for 6 months and no risk of discovery at all. You might consider this for future purchases.

But should that be necessary?

I also just recently ordered the ball-ringer from The package was COMPLETELY discreet with no indication whatsoever of contents or where or who it came from. This policy is also explicitly stated on their site.

Hats off to bostonpump? get with it. I shouldn’t have to spend money on a second box just to order this stuff.


Email bostonpump and tell them to be more discrete, pointing out that they are chopping their own sales in their effort to advertise themselves. Nobody wants to receive a package like that that says outside what’s inside.

But enjoy the toys.




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