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Ordered Pump Today!

Ordered Pump Today!

I ordered the deluxe package from LA Pumps in a 5.25 cylinder of length 10”. My girth is around 5.5”, but I wanted the smaller cylinder so that I pack it tight with girth and can hopefully get some length gains. Cheers!


Good luck to gaining when you get your pump and start incorporating it into your PE routines. Pumping is a major component of my PE arsenal and has worked quite well in combination with other techniques.


The pump I have has a huge cylinder, like maybe 8” or 9” around and a length of about 9”. I assume that isn’t good.

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Wow. And what’s your girth again, Prickle?



Originally posted by avocet8
Wow. And what's your girth again, Prickle?

lol, I think he was maybe lamenting the tube was too big for him and saying that it wasn’t good? I may be wrong, but I think a 9” cylinder is for someone with a girth of like 26”???


With an 8 - 9 inch circumference cylinder, you are looking at a tube diameter of at least 2 3/4 - 3 inches. This is way too large for dick pumping, unless you are already blessed with at least 7 inches of girth to begin with. I routinely use only a 2 inch diameter tube and occasionally jump to at most a 2.5 inch diameter tube, and my flaccid base girth starts off at 5.75 inches.

The size cylinder you are using would be suitable to pump both your dick and balls, if that’s what you are choosing to do. If you are trying to concentrate on your dick only, you need to get a smaller diameter cylinder. What’s your current girth? You probably should only be using a 2 inch diameter cylinder at most at this point.




I pump quite regularly in morning, usually when I’m at computer.

I start out in 1 3/4 x 8” and really pack!

As I’ve posted several times previously, I use shave cream as a lube
…I don’t need to wash cylinders out that frequently. Do bacteria grow on a bar of soap?

Several days a week I ramp up into 2 x 9” cylinder. This really makes my dorsal and lateral dick veins stand out. Often times I will then wrap my dick in TheraP Wrist band that Peforeal introduced us to; help maintain my pumped, flaccid length longer.

Good luck,

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