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Orange bends after pumping

Orange bends after pumping

As Mr. Orange recommended a plumped but not erect dick for his bends, I wonder if the state of plumpiness after pumping would be just the thing. I tried it and it seemed good to go. Sometimes it leaves an indentation from the pressure of my fingers—maybe that ability to plasically deform is a good thing?

Combining manual methods with pumping is a good thing. I prefer a more dynamic blood moving exercise like jelqing or girth blasters in between the static pump sets. The Orange bends or sad sack slinkies are more a static exercise as far a moving blood goes.

I have tried this and I got serious lymph accumulation right after doing the bends. (Pump set -> jelq set -> pump set -> o.bend set.) I found this odd as neither pumping nor o.bends on their own really gives me the donut effect. As far as the indentations where your fingers were, I think this could just be localized depletion of lymphatic fluid from the pressure of your grip.

Theoretically though, this should be a pretty good combo as they are both good girth exercises on their own. Maybe someone with a more conditioned unit would have better luck with this.

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