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Opinion on a tube, and help locating another

Opinion on a tube, and help locating another

Hi, I have not pumped ever. I’m looking at starting now. I like this tube:…tegory_Code=all

Was wondering if anyone had any opinion or experience with it.

Additionally, I remember years ago when I was viewing this forum, someone had posted a tube that curved upwards. Due to a very aggressive circ, I’m not very happy with the way my pre-pe penis is shaped or hangs. I’m hoping with the success treating Peyronies Disease, I might also be able to achieve an upward curve with this tube. I’ve had no luck finding the tube on the net. If anyone could post a link it would be much appreciated.

I have been using this tube for about 9 months after packing my 1.5 round tube and I am very pleased.

Originally Posted by trips

Thanks for the reply. Was your 1.5 round? Is the new one better/worse in any way?

My first one was a ValSeal 1.5 round with a silicone seal around the base which made it very comfortable but because the seal’s diameter was less than 1.5”. taking it off was somewhat awkward. The LAP’s base is flanged which makes it comfortable. I will soon need a 1.75 round and would seriously consider LAP again


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