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One Cylinder to do the Job

One Cylinder to do the Job

Say you’re 6x4 now and you want to be 8x6. Can you just get a 6” cylinder and keep that one until you get to 8x6?



You might want to start with a smaller diameter cylinder. Probably a 1 3/4” tube. Here’s a sizing list:

The problem with buying a cylinder that is too large, is that you will constantly be fighting having your balls sucked into the tube and it will be uncomfortable. If you truly were 4 inches girth, the best tube for you would be 1.5 inch diameter.

If you want to give me your actual measurements, I can recommend a tube size for you.

If you wanted to save some $, there’s a good thread here on making you own tube. You could buy the blanks from and make your own. You could make 3 - 4 tubes for what it would cost you if you bought a commercial one. I’m in the process of making tubes sized from 1 1/2 , 1 5/8, 1 3/4, 1 7/8, 2”. I think I can make all of these for around $125.

Ok, thanks. Just wondering, does pumping feel similar to jelqing or clamping? Everytime I jelq or clamp, my ability to get an erection goes down unless I do light erect kegels to fix it, and my libido is also less than optimal and I don’t want to damage that further.


I always complete my pump sessions with an erect massage for at least 10 minutes. That way I know I have not over done it and it is a great way to enjoy my post pump size. I would highly recommend you incorporate it into your pumping plan.

This post PE erect massage would also be good for your jelq or clamp routine.

I bought a 1.5” straight wall from vacutech and have found it good for the first part of my pump session. I now ordered a 1.75” tube from vacutech and a leather ball stretcher since they help keep the skin from getting sucked into the tube.

Two tubes is best. I prefer vacutech thick walled tubes.

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