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OMG Im hooked !!!!


OMG Im hooked !!!!

I’m in love with pumping !!!!! , didn’t think I would get the hang of it at first, but today was an AWSOME session.

Pumped on and off for an hour, came out of the tube flacid,BUT I was 5” long and 6” around , it was beautiful :-

Wish I could keep it that way all day !!

Pumping is amazing man and the more you do it the better it gets :)

It could make me lazy, for sure !!

Hmm, jelq or slap on the BM and relax,,I know, I know, you need to do both.

I couldn’t help but wonder what it would have been like to have my gf here right after the session.

I would have love her to get me hard , holy horse cock !

Would it work that way I wonder ? ,. Would I just get more girth ?

I would be like close to 7” girth


long sessions ?

Is there anything wrong with doing long sets ?

I had a great seal so I did 30 min , then another.

It felt great, and I came out nice and plupm.

If you’re conditioned for it.. I think I just read that you use a Bathmate? I think you may get water blisters from going too long, or so I think I’ve read before O.o

Yeah I have to have a rule that I do my jelqs before pumping or I’d never get them done.

Get in the pump and throw some good porn on and you’re lost for hours :)

Haha , I could see that happening ,, I would be pulling a big blue sausage out of the tube for sure !!

hmm , I will have to watch for that.

I did have a bit of a forskin “donut” wheni shrunk back dow, no biggy it goes awyn

Originally Posted by king snake
hmm , I will have to watch for that.
I did have a bit of a forskin “donut” wheni shrunk back dow, no biggy it goes awyn

The longer the session, the more of a doughnut you’ll get. In my pic thread (second page now in members pics, I think) I have pics of packing my tube, so I’ve had several times where my doughnut girth is quite ridiculous haha. I does go away, eventually..

Just watch out, that porn will get old fast when you do this often. Porn does help packing faster but after while, you feel like you’ve seen it all to stay hard, then it’s harder to stay hard and becomes pointless anyway and the porn is just “ehh”.

Decent07, I could see that happening , I already get bored with porn from time to time.

I need to give it up, or cut back !!!

I don’t know why I bought my pump. I guess I was just looking to explore pumping. From the first time I used my pump I was hooked. I didn’t know how to use it so I put it on pumped up and WOW! The the suction was to die for. And my cock looked awesome. I pumped for 3 hours straight. I remained semi erect all day. I quickly realized that I could get hooked on this. I was right. It still feels so good that it is hard to stop. I have grown in length and girth so much that now I want to keep pumping. I’ll never stop. And my wife keeps encouraging me

what have you gained from pumping and what was your routine ?

I am quite proud of my results. I have gained 1/2” in length and almost an inch in girth. I pump twice daily for 30 min. Sometimes three times. I never restrict my cock from hanging to its full length. I wear a loose cock ring all the time. And a tighter one during sex. The rings keep me fully extended and harder. My wife loves my new enhanced cock and likes to watch me pump. Then either we have sex or I masturbate for her

That’s some great results mr biggerman!

Do you stay in the tube for 30 min or do you take some breaks?

What is the pressure that you are using?

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