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Not Really Bigger After Pumping?

Not Really Bigger After Pumping?

Hey guys, I got my LAP Dist. pump a couple days ago. I’ve been using it since then, but a weird thing - aren’t you suppose to notice immediate temporary results right after pumping? I measure myself when I’m done with my session, and I’m the exact same size. The only time it looks any bigger is when my ding-a-ling is in the tube.

Am I doing something wrong? I’m pumping at about 6 PSI.


You should have some post pump results. How many sets are you doing and for what length of time? Are you going in erect and staying that way for at least much of the time you are in the tube? Is the pressure staying constant while you are in there? 6 hg should plenty enough to give you at least some post pump expansion.


Do about 3 sets of 10-15mins ea at about 5hg and you should see atleast some post pumping results. It will take much longer to see more perminent gains.

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Once you get a few days, then weeks, then months, the results will last longer and longer.

You don’t need to use so much pressure, especially as a newbie. Try taking it nice and easy and start off with just 3”hg for 5 minutes, then increase to 4”hg for 5 minutes and then 5”hg for 5 minutes. Take a break and repeat.

If you use too high a pressure and cause some trauma, your cock will react by shrinking. But if you use lower pressure, and have expansion with no trauma, the results will last much longer and as time goes by, become permanent.

The trick is to be patient and try not to use the power of the pump to speed things up beyond what is humanly possible.

I saw no post-session expansion at all in the beginning. I stopped pumping for a long time. Then I started again, conditioned slowly to where I can now to 5x6min at 5”Hg and NOW, finally, I’m seing about 0.3” EG after a session. Check my progress log (link in my signature.)

So: individual responsiveness varies greatly.


Start: 6.3 x 5.2 (Feb '05)

Now: 7.9 x 5.65 (gain 1.6 x 0.45) - SFL 8.6"

Goal: 8.5 x 6.0 - Currently trying: handclamp squeeze, O-bends. My data - Progress log

Is it custom cylinder or a one size fits all wang’s

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