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Not enlarged after pumping.

Not enlarged after pumping.

Hi guys,

I’ve been doing a moderate pumping/jelqing routine for a while now…and somethings been bugging me.

After the routine (basically alternating pumping and jelqing for 5-10 minutes each for 3-4 sets each)….I’m not really any bigger.

Oh, there’s a slight increase in size, but nothing more than I would achieve from just regular jelqing.

I floated around some various pump sites, and they all said that after around 30 minutes of pumping, you should be 1-3 inches thicker/longer.

I know that sort of size increase is many lymphatic fluids, but I wonder about the length increase…

Anyway, I was just wondering what sort of size you guys achieve after pumping, because I’m wondering if I’m missing out on something here.


(For what it’s worth, I’m 5 1/4 in girth currently…but I don’t pack my 5 1/2 tube under pressure, nor do I get any longer. Pressure is between 5-7 hg)

Keep doin' what your doin' ...

And you'll keep getting what ya got.

I’ve never gained length from a pumping session, but I normally would see some temporary girth. One time I gained nearly 1” girth, but typical is closer to 1/4-1/2”.

I pump more recreationally than part of my program. The big girth came from a 40 minute session where I pumped up to 10 inches HG, held for 5-10 seconds, released and pumped up again.

If I had time and privacy at home, pumping would be a regular part of my girth routine for sure.

Have been pumping now for about 4 months - average 3-4 hours each day in 2 sesssions of
1-1/2 hours each. I have gained around 3/4” in girth and around 1/2” in length.

Don’t do any jelquing - only about a 5 minute massaging in of Vitamin E cream at the end of each session. So my gains are all due to pumping.


I was wondering how much pressure you pump with on your routine for that hour session?? Also, do you cycle your pressure? Max pressure?

I have been pumping only sporadically for several month just for fun of the pumped dick look and the feeling coming out of the tube.

Thanks for the post. Good to see some results from pumping came quickly to you.

I usually do two pump sessions in my daily PE routine (which I’ve started up again after a four month break). I have a cylinder with length markings on it (Boston Pump Works). I’m usually about 1/4” longer during the second session and am almost touching the 8 inch mark now. I don’t measure the girth.

The 1-3” gain thing sounds fishy to me. You need to think long term and combine the pumping with other methods to see good gains, IMO.

When I was pumping with high pressure I didn’t see any difference.

I tried a much lower pressure, and now it swells.
Go figure.

Can I damage my penis by pumping too much?

Pumping Cautions


If you overpump, you may potentially experience some or all of the following:

1. a dick which will have a tendency to shrink the next day after pumping
2. a dick which will be too squishy (due to excessive fluid bloat)
3. a dick which will feel tender or sore
4. a dick which may develop water blisters
5. a dick with the “doughnut” effect, particularly around the lower glans or circumcision scar line,
to name a few.

So what is my advice? Take it easy, and let your dick acclimate gradually to the new stresses of pumping. Don’t be too aggressive either with vacuum pressure or time in the tube.

Once a newbie has his first positive pumping experience, there is a tendency to want to do more and faster. RESIST THE TEMPTATION.

I’ve been the newbie 3 years ago, and I am still pumping today. I had to learn a lot through trial and error and making mistakes on my own. I am still an avid believer in pumping today, have a regular routine and continue to find pumping a valuable tool in making further girth and length gains.

But looking back with some perspective, I would probably say that with pumping “less is more” when it comes to having longterm continuing success.



after pumping for 3 months I increased the preassure to be 8 Hg without having any problems. I mainly do just 15 minutes followed by Ulis and erect bends and don’t exceed 4 sets per day.



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