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Non symmetrical increase in girth in the tube

Non symmetrical increase in girth in the tube

Well, I got my pump in today and did my first workout. I have ED so I am starting pumping with the initial intention of improving my erections through better and more frequent blood flow first and foremost per the great post by Advocet. Vacuum Pumping when you have ED; the short version, according to Avocet8

I was not able to get an erection before entering the tube so I had to let the vacuum do all the work. My first set was at 3 hg for 5 minutes, then I let the semi erection subside completely, then 4hg for 5 minutes, then let the erection subside, then 5 hg for 3 more sets with a break in between just like the other sets. By the last set my length was just above my normal erect length.

I noticed the base, to about the mid shaft of my dick get engorged with blood and swell to the inner diameter of the tube but mid shaft and up only swelled to about 50% of what the base did. The glands also swelled pretty good.

I am larger at the base then the mid shaft like most guys, but not as drastic of a difference as it showed in the tube. Is this common to have a big difference in the girth along different parts of the shaft when pumping? Or is this something that will even out over time as my dick becomes accustomed to this new form of PE that it has never experienced?

Thanks for any insight you guys can offer. So far I liked the feeling of pumping, pretty cool to relax and just watch. It was like someone was doing the exercise for me!


Don’t worry it will even out over time. The same thing happens to me, and I have tapered tube.

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