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No lubricant?

No lubricant?

With college starting up I’m going to have way less privacy and was wondering whether I can continue pumping without lubricant.

From what I understand, lubricant makes sure your penis doesn’t fold inside the cylinder and prevents any air from escaping for a tight seal. Is there any other use for using lubricant? If neither of these is a problem, could I just pump without lubricant?

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I don’t often use lubricant when pumping and I’ve found it seals better without lube.

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As long as you are not packing your cylinder, you are good to go without lube. I would suggest starting with an erection so you won’t have any issues getting stuck as you pump up. If you do pack without lube, you might be stuck for a while.

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Originally Posted by alex553
With college starting up I’m going to have way less privacy and was wondering whether I can continue pumping without lubricant.

Personally I can’t get a good seal without lube. Maybe you will be able too. But what if you can’t?

Trying to help out here, I am not sure I understand the privacy issue,

- It takes 30 seconds to lubricate.
- It takes 30 minutes to pump.

Which activity is your roommate more likely to catch you at? Lubing or pumping?

Or maybe you are afraid your roommate will find your lube?

I would not worry about that, all men jerk off, nobody is going to flip out on you if they find a small tube of KY jelly.

Best of luck with college!

Personally, I’ve found the lubing part of pumping the most messy.

It doesn’t take long to lube up, but then I need to clean off my hands after getting in the cylinder and the cleanup of the cylinder after wards. Jelqing requires lube, but is easier on the DL. :)

I’ll have to try without lube, I’ve never tried without.

I use a watered down water-based lubricant (KY) in a little squeeze bottle. Virtually no clean-up since it’s water based and since it looks like water there wouldn’t be any privacy issues. And honestly, your roomies are going to be so busy with their own pursuits, that they’re really probably not going to notice your lube. Unless it’s labelled “Dr Kinky’s Sex Lube-Great for Anal!”

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I agree with sta-kool, lubing up really shouldn’t be a problem. At least there’s no need for as much lube as for jelqing. I personally use Durex Play 2 in 1 and only one drop is needed to lube up the glans and base of penis.

Without lube glans tends to stick to the tube and that’s not very comfortable. Also helps with the seal.

If you use water based lube, you don’t even have to clean yourself up because it dries by itself. Tube should be cleaned after use anyway (because of hygiene), so there’s no difference if it’s lubed up or not.

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