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No experience with pumping, considering water pumping


Yes, I got a bathmate too after I almost got water in my brass pump. The idea was that I could pump every morning while showering. How great would that be!

However, I can’t get a seal with it standing up, I have to lay down in the tub. So I don’t use it unless I have a huge block of time with nothing else to do (which is NEVER)

Another thing that can be good about air pumping. Sometimes I get the vacuum going, detach the pump, put on a HUGE pair of board shorts and then do whatever it is that needs to be done around the house - load the dishwasher, etc.

Most times I just want to sit there and zone out, as the feeling is very pleasant and relaxing. But it is nice to have the option to do something else. Difficult if not impossible with water.

sta-kool and Lampwick,

Thank you for sharing your experiences :)

For me, water is not a hassle (I got used to it). It might be more of an issue now that I have decided to never pump without a gauge again, but I might solve that by getting myself a minivac.

I am more interested in the actual effects of water pumping vs air pumping.

I have not ever done a consistent routine with water, but my experience seems to indicate that perhaps water is better for length and air is better for girth expansion.

Any ideas here?



Originally Posted by Maxtro
That’s the one I bought shortly after I made this thread a few months ago :p

I’ve been enjoying regular pumping and completely forgot about even using water.

HA HA I didn’t see this was an older thread! What cylinder did you end up getting? I am very curious about the wide mouth.

I got the 1.75 from lapdist.…tegory_Code=all

I was considering getting the 1.5 which the chart in the cylinder size thread suggested, and that would have been a huge mistake. The wide mouth seems interesting but it’s $20 more. I wonder if it’s “better” than the regular.

I’ve got a 1.75 boston pump cylinder I like. The “built in cockring” feature is kind of cool.…WPROD&ProdID=12

I’ve also got a lapdist, it seems higher quality - much thicker for example. It is too big for me though.

I was interested in the wide mouth mostly because it “seems” like you could target expansion a little easier. That is, top to bottom or side to side, depending on how you oriented it.

However the reviews I read on another site mostly talk about how it is easier to pack, therefore they think that is good for targeting length. I would like to get one someday, but $$$$ if you know what I mean.


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