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newbie routine - please comment

newbie routine - please comment


I am pumping since March 2003 without any manual exercises. I’m not quite sure if I got any gains in length but I increased girth about half an inch.
Now I - luckily - found Thunder’s Place and hope to make better gains.
I’m now at 5,7”*6,3”. My first goal is to achieve 7”*7”. The upper shaft and the glans have less girth so I want to give them some extra girth. Now I think that goal will be enough but I imagine you can become addicted to PE. *g* However - my routine:

- <10min manuell stretching (about 60s each one)
- 10min wet jelquing
- 10min pumping
- 6 ulis (each 60s)
- 15min wet jelquing
- 15min pumping-this time with more preasure - making some kegels in the tube
- 6 ulis
- <10min jelquing

Do you think that I can achieve good results in gaining length with that routine. Or can I make the best results with hanging and/or other exercises? Thanks in advance for any comments and sorry if my english is impatient at any point.


Now that you have combined manual exercises and are alternating them with pumping you are more likely to pile on some gains.

You might shift your routine to do 3 or 4 six to eight minute pump sets, doing your manual exercises between them. I do think that starting out, after warm up, with good overall flaccid stretches helps build length.



I started manual PE “Jelqs” over 2 years ago and then stopped for about 8 months. I have now incorporated pumping with the jelqs in my new routine. I believe the two together make a huge difference.

Also I use lots of heat. I use a heating pad before, during and after. Just make sure the the tube doesn’t get to hot or your penis might “spot” more often.

What ever you do be…consistent. Good luck.

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