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Newbie looking for advice

Newbie looking for advice

I have been a member of the board for sometime just trying to get afeel for what I want to do and how to do it. I like the idea of a combination manual exercises followed by pumping and then maual exercises again this seems to be working quite well at the moment.

The question I have is regarding the my pumping. I bought a cheapish trigger operated pump which uses rubber seals. I use olive oil (extra virgin of course) as a lubricant whilst doing manual exercises and the residual oil left seems to help seal the pump when in use.

The problem is that the seals split after only a few uses along the joint where they are welded together; but I don’t think the olive oil is a contributing factor to the splitting. I have tried the pump without the seals and it does not seem as effective although it works it sucks up the area around the base of my cock alittle as well. I guess the seal is also adding the effects of a cock ring to the exercise. Although the pump is not designed for use without the seals it is fairly comfortable despite being a bit too long. The dia of the is about 3inches (external)

Can anyone offer advice on whether I should change my pump
Where are the best places to go to get a new one
Or where I can get new seals or possibly what I can use instead ( I have though of something like a bicycle inner tube cut into pieces and part of it stretched over the chamber base) but I am not sure this would work.


If you think pumping will be your preferred PE method, then you should invest in a professional pump. I would recommend the deluxe pump from LA Dist. If you want help with cylinder sizing, just let me know your erect length and girth. Here is their web site:…tegory_Code=all

thanks for the redirect

I would appreciate some advice on cylinder size
I am currently 61/4” BPL x 5” circ


The best size cylinder for you right now is a 9 X 1.75. Once you get your girth up to 5.5” then you can graduate to a 2” diameter cylinder and that will allow for girth expansion to at least 6.5”. These cylinders do not require any rubber seals and should last a life time. The brass pump is also extremely durable and will last for years.

Thanks for your help Gprent I can see the logic of the slimmer cylinder not sucking too much in.

I will get package ordered and keep the board posted of my progress

thanks again

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