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New to pumping

New to pumping

Hey guys, first off I want to say how much I like this site. I’ve learned so much on thunder’s place that was never taught to me when I was younger. I have just started pumping and I had a few questions. When you place the pump around your cock do you press the pump against your pubic bone and then pump, or do you pump and let it get sucked to your pubic bone, or do you hold it from pressing against your pubic bone? Also, do you pump until you get an erection and then release, then pump, then release, etc. Or do you pump and leave it pumped for 10 minutes? Also, sometimes when I pump I can feel ligaments or something getting sucked into the pump. I know it’s not my balls because I use a ball stretcher to keep my balls out of the way, so what is it and is it right? Also, my pump is a Kaplen pump and the pressure gauge is different I think. I’ve read on this site that you should not pump passed 5-6, but on my pump has it in negative numbers (ex: -5, -10, -15, etc.) then it also has -0.2, -0.4, -0.6, -0.8, etc., which do I go by?

Well SIoux:

Gotta be cold out there! Pumping is/may become a part of you life. In that I mean it must be adjusted to you body type, schecule and desires. Firstly, jelq yourself to an erection. Go in hard. Press the tube against you clipped pubic area and then pump. I’m fairly sure the the -5 is right as vacuum is measured that way because it is the opposite of pressure. Most Mercury Vacuum guages work from the right pulling the needle to the left. Either way don’t amount to much. A good rule of thumb is that the tube should just have enough vacuum to stay on. Hey other guys out there—I know but he’s just a beginner so bear with me— Make sure that your tube is sized correctly. As for what you feel about the suction of the ligaments—Well, that can’t be. Take a look at Grey’s anatomy. Probably what you feel is simply the skin being drawn in. You may be using too much vacuum in the begining. FOLLOW AVOCET’S 101 PUMPING for the time factor. I’d recommend 8 minutes of pumping followed by 2 minutes of jelquing and massage to recover new blood circulation. pick back up the pumping for two more sets and take a longer break. Most of us find that a cheap heating pad from Target will help with the whole routine. Keep us informed and best of luck. Post in the member’s section any photos. Steve and stay warm

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