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New to Pumping

New to Pumping

I just got a standard ball type pump. And my question is when you are pumping you really just give it a few pumps and then your dick engorges and then you only need to give it a few small pumps here and there. I just want to make sure I’m doing it right. To me, it seems like I am getting the same effect as clamping just in a tube with a different feeling. Right know I am pumping up to engorgement, then holding it there for about 10 minutes, then doing 3 sets of those. Hopefully that is about right. Please comment.


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The difference between clamping and pumping is that clamping utilizes increased internal pressure and pumping utilizes decreased external pressure.

Yup, you are right, your penis should engorge and you can just hold it there if you want to. If it leaks a little then you can add a few pumps here and there. Some members even pump, release, and pump again over and over. The ball type of pump sucks if you don’t have a pressure guage. You really should have a pressure guage for your safety. If you got a Harbor Freight nearby, go buy a really cheap brake bleeder pump with a guage. These work great and you can tell much easier if you are over-doing it.

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