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New pumping technique= Length gains


New pumping technique= Length gains

I have stumbled upon a technique that may or may not have been already discussed.

A few days ago I was in the middle of my pumping routine and I decided to do the remainder of my routine sitting on the floor for some reason( i am a really random person). Anyway, here i am with my back against the bed sitting cross legged on the floor. I had my pump parallel to the floor instead of straight up like I normally would.

Now for the interesting part. I have to pump periodically to keep preassure in my tube( i try to stay 3-6hg), and with the tube parallel to the floor every time i pumped i noticed a jump in length expansion that is normally barely noticeable. When i laid back on the bed stiil in tube and saw that i was atleast 1/2” longer than my mark on the tube that signified my max length in tube. Needless to say I was very very excited.

The next day before my routine i took a measurement to see if my speculations were legitimate. Bpel was 8.25” and just over 8” is the greatest measurement before this.

I guess you would call it SD pumping, although it wasn’t straight down since i was sitting on the floor, but had i been standing that would have been what it looked like.

The only way this makes sense to me is if the tube is pointed downward, there is almost no preasure on your pubic bone just above the penis. This allowing the ligs to be stretched much further. All i know is my ligs havent felt this way since my first week of PE.

Any thoughts or observations of implementing this technique? Has anyone else ever done this?

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Don’t want to burst your bubble, but in that position the tube is being pulled higher up on the penis because the balls and pevic bones are not hindering the pull. Length can be helped by a smaller diameter which elongated the penile tissue.

Yes the tube is being pulled further up. However, i am still expanding further lengthwise after the tube has came up as far as it can.

Also, after i return the cylinder to the normal straight out position(taking away the variable of how far the tube is being pulled ). I am 1/2”longer in the tube.

Start -1-30-2013*******-7.45"x5.875"


Final goal- ***********-9.00"x7.00"

I just know that pumping like this is the only reason that my ligs are being worked so hard and my flaccid is hanging much lower. It is the only thing that i have changed about my routine.

Btw, i suppose it isn’t at a true straight down angle, but pretty close.

Has no one ever tried this or anything similar?

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Final goal- ***********-9.00"x7.00"

I sit down in a chair when I pump and the cylinder is roughly parallel to the floor, so our techniques are similar. I’ll try sitting on the floor sometime and see what happens.

Like Tennsteven said though, length is increased as the angle of exit of the erection decreases, I can gain half an inch in length just by sitting down to measure as opposed to standing up but proper measuring technique is standing not sitting.

Very interesting 8.5OB let us now what permanent gains you get from this.

Damien84 I’ll be interested to read your feedback too.

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The only differences between sitting in a chair and on the floor would be your pelvic angle and your ability to keep your legs bowed out.

When you sit on the floor you can easily tilt your pelvis upwards, creating the downward angle of the tube. You can also bow your legs out to sit indian style, this helps to expose more of the penis.

I completely agree with what Damien and Tennsteven have said about sitting vs. Standing measurements and appearance in the tube. What i am trying to describe is if you pumped normally (standing with tube straight out) and made a mark on the cylinder of your max length. Next set, pump the way i have described for about 10 minutes, but before you exit the pump stand up and hold the tube straight out as you normally would, look at how it compares to your other mark.
There is a big difference, atleast for me i guess.

Start -1-30-2013*******-7.45"x5.875"


Final goal- ***********-9.00"x7.00"

I have now tried this technique (pumping straight down) and I got the same feeling that my ligs were getting a really good stretch. This is great for me because I stopped manual stretching long ago due to the very negative effects it had on my EQ. I had good newbie gains from manual stretching up till the EQ loss, so I am excited to be able to get a good stretch again. I have also noticed a better flacid hang after only trying this for a few days. I don’t expect immediate results and have not measured, so I have no hard evidence that this technique is producing gains, but I can say that my EQ has definitely improved. I have been waking up a few times each night with erections and I don’t remember when that last happened.

I do my pump routine standing up at the sink while shaving, etc and what I have found to work is to press the tube against the vanity cabinet (below the counter top) in order to keep the cylinder pointed down while I cycle the pump (I need to “warm up” a bit first in order to get a real good seal). Pressing against the vanity allows me to control the amount of “stretch” I am getting. I have also noticed less edema and better circulation which may be due to less pressure at the top of the base of my penis. It also appears that I am packing the tube a little further up than before.

I should also note that in the past couple of months I have modified my pumping technique - I am doing “dynamic stretching”, following the advice in the thread DYNAMIC STRETCHING - THIS WORKS. You can find this thread in what used to be the newbie forum. In 2 months I’ve gained about 1/8” length and some girth but to be honest haven’t measured in a while. I have found the dynamic stretching concept allows me to get getter expansion in the pump with less side effects, and I am very happy with it.

Hopefully, combining these 2 techniques will jump start my gains once again.

Thanks for sharing 8.50B.. I will try this sitting on the floor- indian style :-)


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Heat is the key!

Hmm.. Well I don’t know about sitting on the floor as my ass usually takes a good hurting from the couch lol.. I suspect it’s not all that different, when I pump I’m on the edge of the couch with my legs wide open, not laying back at all. This goes on for at least an hour mostly, and the heating pad might reduce the angle a bit too, but I find that pointing “down” for too long irritates my sac. This happens at lower HG when I’m just “hangin” in the tube so I like to keep enough “pressure” to stay engorged enough that the cylinder is fairly level. I also notice my max lengths are when I’m level too, and fully hard in the tube.

One minor advantage of sitting on the floor when pumping is that you don’t need to hold the cylinder as it rests nicely on the floor by itself. No big deal really, but I find it useful for longer pump sessions.

Originally Posted by irishjim
One minor advantage of sitting on the floor when pumping is that you don’t need to hold the cylinder as it rests nicely on the floor by itself. No big deal really, but I find it useful for longer pump sessions.

I wrap the cord of my heat pad around the pad then drape the cord over my leg lol.. Other then that, I’m milking or checking pressure/pumping anyway.

Thanks for the feedback guys.

Well, i have been using this technique for almost two weeks now. I have not yet measured but i know i have to be gaining.

I am noticeably longer erect, and my flaccid is much longer and fuller.

Start -1-30-2013*******-7.45"x5.875"


Final goal- ***********-9.00"x7.00"

Please continue to keep us updated with your pumping progress.

You seem to be gaining fast 8.5! Would you share your routine?

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