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New pumper!

New pumper!

hey everyone. I’ve been “sorta” regularly PEing since april and my dick is accustomed to some abuse. I was thinking of getting into pumping since I’ve heard of some awesome gains on here from it. My questions are: are these gains permanent? How many pumping sessions does it take to make these gains permanent? Is there a site or specific pump that is recommended? Is the packaging discreet on these products? How should I go about starting this? Is it better for length or girth?



I’m certain these questions have been asked, and answered, before. Start by scrolling down to the bottom of this page and following the links that are automatically provided by the forum software by matching words in your post.

Second, go to the main page of the Pumper’s Forum and use the “Search this Forum” drop down menu at the right side of the page. Use “permanent gains” as a search term and you’ll get several long threads on the topic including:
Am I the only one gaining hard gains from pumping ?
So, can I expect permanent gains from pumping ?
Permanence of pumping (again)
…and many more.

Do the same for “recommended pump” or “best cylinder.” Most think the hand pump by MityVac, found in auto supply stores, and the cylinders from LA Pump are a good combination. Expect to pay about $125 for a commercial cylinder and a pump.

Or make your own:
A Homemade Pump. Yes a Pump, not a cylinder.
Made My Pump Today!!
Photo-Documented DIY cylinder guide!

Search the forum again for “start pumping” for a series of threads on how to get started.

Finally, and this should have been done already, read the two important “sticky” threads at the top of the Pumper’s Forum:
Vacuum Pumping 101
Condom pumping

If you still have questions, come back to this thread and ask.

Good info there westla. I made my homemade pump for about $40-50. Mityvac works very well and creates one hell of a suction! lol

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