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New Pumper

New Pumper

Hey guys,

I have decided to start pumping. I ordered my pump yesterday and it came this morning.

At the moment, I’m not going to be pumping that often as I have just started DLD’s routine and it’s going pretty well. I do that 5 times per week, Monday through Friday and I’m going to pump on Saturdays leaving Sunday for complete rest. For now, I’m just going to do around 10 minutes at low pressure until I get used to things.

Just read the ‘101 - Sticky’ Nice post!


Where would I be without PE?

Yes, just follow Avocet’s guidelines in “Pumping 101” and you won’t be sorry. Work your time up slowly week-by-week like it says. Don’t give in to impatience, or temptation to “crank the pressure up higher”. Also, limiting your times is a good idea. use 8 or 10 minutes in the tube, then let it rest or do some jelqs, then go back in the tube for 8 or 10 minutes. You get the donut effect going in for long periods.

For some “finer details” read sparkyx’s excellent thread on gains:

When I have made great gains, I…

Good Luck!

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Originally Posted by TheLateShinobi

I have decided to start pumping. I ordered my pump yesterday and it came this morning…

What kind of pump you bought?

Titan, by Doc Johnson.

It was never really my intention to start pumping, but I came across it on a sex website while ordering a few other things - Cockrings, Stretchers etc and I thought I’d give it a go. It may not be the best of pumps out there, but I didn’t see much point in splashing out when I’m new to it. The cyclinder could do with being a bit smaller though.


Where would I be without PE?

I’ve never tried this but I’ve heard you can get a liquid ruber latex at home depot. It’s usually found in the electrical section. It’s normally used for putting a rubber coating on tools. One suggestion a while back was to dip the end of the tube (that would be next to your base) into the liquid rubber for the first inch or two. Let it completely dry and repeat as needed. This would add a fine layer to the ID and make it smaller so it doesn’t suck your ball sack into the tube. I’ve never tried this stuff but this is the theory. It’s pretty cheap stuff too.

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