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new pumper / HELP !


Hi All,

I’m being a nighthawk again and catching up on making some new posts.


Here’s some more information about the powerjelq. It’s a link to a post I did in early January of this year when I was actively using the powerjelq as a principal PE tool. I think there are a few personal PJ experiences and tips that might be helpful to you. At that time I listed some of my size stats, and I realize now that although my length has only increased by a 1/4 inch since January, my girth has moved up considerably, especially in the flaccid state. I measured tonight, and I am holding steady at a solid 6.00 inch flaccid base girth. I still have a long way to go to even out the whole shaft, but I think I am on the right track again with the regular use of pumping in my routines.
peforeal’s routine

Braker and Mafero,

I agree with Braker’s comments that you will not get thinner using your 1.75 inch diameter tube. Pumping pulls your penis outward and upward. Although it may seem that you don’t fit into the tube now, you will. Your dick can be expanded or compressed, and with the addition of any kind of lube, hand lotion, creme hair conditioner while in the shower,etc., you will easily slide or be pulled into the cylinder under vacuum pressure. Your initial goal right now should be to even out your shaft to its full thickness in your 1.75 inch cylinder and get acclimated to the pumping experience. Once you find yourself easily packing the tube completely up the shaft, you can move on to a 2.00 inch cylinder and go for even more. Even though I am holding steady lately at 6.00 inches flaccid base girth, I can still fit into my 1.75 inch diameter cylinder and pump mostly for length for a short time before switching cylinder sizes.

Just like Braker,I also recommend trying to go into the cylinder as erect as possible. In this way, you are able to maximize the extra elongation and widening effects that pumping will bring about, while reducing the tendency to “donut”. As a future observation and example, if you are already 6.75 inches in length at your fullest, hardest ruler-measured erection, pumping will not suddenly pull your dick out another 2- 3 inches. In all likelihood, you may initially increase your pumped length up to 7.00-7.25 inches or so. I think that when individuals refer to pumping one’s dick up another 2 -3 inches, they are using a semi-erect or half hard-on as the starting pre-pumped size.

Mafero,even without the arrival of your pump, you can still experience pumping as long as you have your cylinder, the attached hose and the male and female connectors. I don’t know if I mentioned this recently, but I no longer use a pump or gauge. I rely solely on “mouth” power. Now, I don’t recommend this for newbies, since it is important that you have some idea of the pressure that you are exerting via your pump gauge. But, I’ve pumped long enough and am cognizant of the varying pumped sensations to be able to judge my pumping intensity without inflicting injury. So, when I pump I basically use my mouth power on one end of the hose to create the vacuum in the cylinder, then disconnect. Frankly, this method is much faster and more efficient for me, but again I caution that newbies should monitor their vacuum pressure with a reliable pump gauge.

Thanks for the tip on hair removal. I’ ve never heard of the brand “veet”. Do you know of an American brand name counterpart?



the product is made in france by reckitt benckiser.

there is a toll free number on package but being saturday in this

part of the world i will have to call them on monday.

maybe the product has a different name your side.

will find out and get back soon.



I did not get my pump yesterday Saturday as I expected. That is not a big problem, I know. sells the pump without the hose. I thought that was not a problem because I have a sex store here where they sell it. NO, they don’t. I went to the store last night and they only carry the tubing for 2 guys pumping together, which is not for me, at a cost of $45. I checked the sites of both and Vacutech and they don’t seem to sell those hoses separately. How or where can I get it?


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Please disregard my previous message. I just called and talked to the guy who received my order and he said that it does come with hose and adpaters. Let’s wait.


Stopping reading half way through...

I’m halfway thought this long thread and will comment now before I finish reading it.

Great to come back from vacation to so much good talk here. And thanks to everyone for all the great inputs.

mafero emailed me while I was away asking for my advice about his tube size question. I have nothing to add to good suggestions the other guys have made except for the caveat that too wide a tube for your current size is a disadvantage. I’ve talked with new pumpers who got kind of heady and bought larger width tubes than they need. They mixed up what they wanted to be in the future with what they are now, thinking that a larger tube would make them whatever. Not so.

The “ball sucking” problem in a too-wide tube that peforeal mentions is not only annoying but can also be painful. I started with a 2” tube which was appropriate for me but I still suck a ball up now and then (it’s either a lube distribution problem - don’t get lube on your balls - or for me waiting too long to shave at the base of my shaft). When you pull one up in there very quickly it can feel like taking a moderate punch to the groin. I think a 1.75 will be fine for you. Then graduate up to the 2”. If you start with a 2”, though, you should be ok but you may not get so much length pull.

While (halfway through this thread) we are on the subject of cock size feelings and the historical reasons for them, I’d like to add to the discussion that getting larger has been a separate reward from other life accomplishments. It’s still pretty amazing to me how strongly my own perception of my dick size then affected my general self-confidence as compared with how I feel now. It became pretty clear early on - in junior high - that men and women have a curious awe and respect for dick size and men in particular are very quick to put down smaller units. I get it and I don’t get it.

The whole issue has little to do with levels of sexual performance or enjoyment. Smaller guys can have as much or more success in those areas than larger guys. It is, though, about perception. Somehow, big dicks are more impressive in the locker room or in bar or other imtimate male talk. It is the way it is.

Although getting there has been a whole lot of work, I have to admit that increasing my size has resulted in a new attitude for me. Nobody has the power any more to embarrass me. Size has become a totally personal subject - a hobby and a fun thing which I do for myself. I am finding this a nifty place to be.

More later as I read the rest.



avocet - welcome back!

There was a lot of work here when you were gone! Time to get back to that long hours, low (no) pay moderating job you like so much.. ;)

Hope you had a good time!

PJ response and WB to Avocet

Peforeal, thanks so much for the additional info/link on the Power-Jelq. That was very helpful. :)

Avocet, welcome back! Inquiring minds have wanted to know when you would return to see the newly increased activity in the Pumpers’ Forum.



I won’t be content until I’ve earned the name!

My first day

Hi, guys:

We haven’t posted any message for a few days. Well, here I am.

Yesterday was my first day pumping. The superintendent of my building had received my package with the pump inside and did not tell me anything for 5 days. It did come with the tubing and connectors.

I had yesterday my first vacuum session. I was 10 minutes, at 5-7 inches of mercury, although I relieved the vacuum 4 or 5 times for just a few seconds to make sure everything was in good order. This was my first time, the feeling was kind of weird, not painful but one that is new to me, with the fear, like in an thriller, that my dick would explode inside the cylinder. It didn’t happen, of course, but I wanted to be very careful the first time.

As I said in previous messages, 3/4 of my dick is 5.5 in girth (or 1.75” diameter) and my cylinder is 1.75”; only the section close to the base is 5 or 5.1. While pumping, the thicker part did press against the wall of the cylinder, to the point that after I finished the 10-min session it was hard to take my dick out, despite the lube I had on it. But on the other hand, the thinner section of the shaft did not reach the cylinder.


1.- Would the thinner part of my shaft reach the wall of the cylinder at any point in the future? Hope so.

2.- Someone else is recommending me 5 to 7 lbs of pressure. The gauge of my pump comes in inches of mercury and kilopascals, not pounds. Am I missing something?

Hope to hear from you soon,




I missed my third question in my previous thread: what kind of lube do you guys recommend for pumping? I used a water base lube, such as KY. Do you have any suggestions?



Mafero: Go with a 2 inch tube which will allow a good pull and not endanger any testicle entrapment. ( youwill have one q

Got cut off. Youw ill have one quarter inch to play with. And do like Avocet says: e.g. 100 jelques then 5minutes tube then back to the jelques —- do that for an hour and finish with the tube. You’lll get great results.

Stay away from the max extender as it applyies maximum pull on the dorsal nerve of the penis.

Re: Lube

Originally posted by mafero

I missed my third question in my previous thread: what kind of lube do you guys recommend for pumping? I used a water base lube, such as KY. Do you have any suggestions?


I like using Wet Platinum(silicone lube) for my pumping sessions. You only need a little bit and it lasts for a long time. I’ve tried water based lubes and they all dry up and get sticky.

Depends on your tube . If you have a neoprene or rubber seal I would recommennd “Glide” which is available at . If you have a ceramic end on your tube and no rubber or neoprene use baby oil. It’s a hell of a lot cheaper and more effective than the others in lubing.


How is the pumping coming along for you? In response to your lube question, I now just use regular, inexpensive hand lotions (like vaseline intensive care). I just wet my hands with some water, apply the lotion to my hand and distribute it evenly all over my shaft, glans,etc. The water helps to keep things slicker,and I get the extra benefit of a well moisturized dick. This works well for me and should help you in sliding out of the tube after pumping.



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