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new pumper / HELP !

HI All,

HOBBY WROTE: “What do you think are the keys to your success in adding permanent size by pumping? What procedures/routines have you found most productive? Any advice for the “girth-challenged” guys like me?”

PEFOREAL RESPONSE: I think that STARTING WITH THE RIGHT SIZE DIAMETER TUBE (1.75 inch for me) was critical. When I first got interested in pumping, I was overambitious in my objectives and bought the 2.5 inch tube first and also a 2-stage 3-inch diameter opening cylinder. This was way too big for a newbie especially with my smaller size at the time. Getting a good seal, preventing my ballsac from being sucked into the tube and bringing about an effective expansion were elusive and sometimes impossible tasks. That’s when I eventually reevaluated and got a smaller size cylinder and started on the path to success.

Like other PE techniques, I think that you do have to ALLOW TIME FOR YOUR DICK TO ADJUST to the new stresses that pumping places on your tool. So go for short periods and low vacuum at first, then gradually experiment with longer periods and gradually higher vacuum pressure. Monitor carefully and understand that pumping should never be uncomfortable or painful.

When you have completed your pumping routine, for the rest of the day do DRYJELQS AND STRETCHES WHENEVER POSSIBLE for circulation and keeping the dick elongated and expanded.

Take a PUMPING REST (as many days a necessary) whenever you feel that your pumping expansion is declining in effectiveness. Presently I am pumping 5 straight days a week and taking a breather on weekends. When I return back to pumping again on the Mondays, my dick really responds well to being back in the tube.
MAFERO WROTE: ” The first time I was in a chat, at, 2 years ago, I was literally shaking. I was finally able to talk with other men about that organ that our society has considered for centuries as a challenge and condemned as forbidden. What a relieve from that first day on!… All frustrations, hopes, dreams, goals, and even pride came out with all freedom and honesty, as well as a full description of my dick to support all those feelings. No more secrets. “
PEFOREAL RESPONSE: I know exactly how you feel. My first chat experience was right here on THUNDERS
FORUM about one year ago with UC61la, and I felt my adrenalin rising when I first entered the chat room and began to converse more frankly than I had ever done in my life with anyone about growing my dick of all things! Once I crossed that bridge and felt brave enough to start posting, I definitely felt a freedom and newly realized openness that I had never experienced before. And things have just gotten better because of the supportive atmosphere here at THUNDERS. In a strange way, I have never felt more “male” than when I started sharing my personal experiences here on the forum. I attribute it to the “male bonding” that’s taking place here on the most intimate of levels.

BIGJACK WROTE: ” Growing up, I knew that I did not have the smallest penis on the block. But, I also played enough sports and took enough PE (the other kind…lol) to know that I would never be the “cock of the walk” in any men’s locker room….My ex-fiancee’ posted in a web community we belonged to that I had a rather small package, but that she never minded because I had so many other fine qualities…I too am girth challenged, but am already seeing some progress in overcoming that issue.”
PEFOREAL RESPONSE: Growing up I always thought that I had the smallest penis on the block and avoided any kind of activities/sports which would have required my being naked in front of others. I remember, when I was about 7 years old and was in a public shower at the beach with my dad and his army buddies,how huge and hairy their dicks all looked. I think that visual exposure initiated my first dick insecurities, and I kept on waiting for the time when I might look like them. Well, prior to the discovery of PE, it just never happened.
When my first sexual experiences with the opposite sex began, I made a point of making sure that I was seen mostly semi-hard to fully erect and would cover up when flaccid shrinkage kicked in. Fortunately, I always had positive sexual relationships and made sure that at least my sex techniques ranked at the upper end of the scale. My self-doubts were never inflicted by others, but only by myself.

Bigjack, you are fortunate to have the prefix EX in front of the word “FIANCEE”. Anyone who would be so unkind and unthinking to demean you publicly like that would probably do even worse to you if you had ever gotten married. I personally believe that everything in our lives happen for a reason, and I’m sure that eventually your life will guide you to the caring person that you were meant to find. In the meantime, you have the freedom to take care of your personal business.

If you have checked SIZE’S PENIS DATA SITE and my personal stats, you would see that my initial erect girth was between 4.75-5.00 inches, and I also considered myself girth challenged. Fortunately, I have been able to extract myself from that label. I think I’ve made even more girth progress this week. On my personal effective techniques scale for increasing girth, I would have to rank pumping first, the powerjelq second and semi-erect manual jelqing third. I don’t think I’ve used squeezes and ulis extensively enough to make a judgment call on them and my gains.

Anyways, it’s now 1:00 a.m. Hawaii time, and I’d better go to bed. I’ll be up at 6:00 am doing my pumping for the day and am already looking forward to my Friday morning activity. Good night or good morning whatever your timezone is!



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I always agree 100% with all your comments. Not only are you very articulate in your writings and an excellent user of the language but, what is more important, you always go deep to the basis of our common interest.

Let me single out one particular comment: the “male bond” or male link that you brought up in your latest thread. That’s exactly what it is. By the way, I talk to uc61la quite often either on Yahoo Messenger or’s chat, which is now shared by other sites as well.

I’ve noticed that the male link is so powerful that it goes beyond unexpected barriers such as sexual orientation. I’ve seen homosexuals, bisexuals, heterosexuals getting together openly without any prejudice just because of that “mysterious” bond that goes deep down to the roots of our “male” being, whose center is that particular organ. And, you are true again, I too feel more “male” than ever because of that bond.

Some guys who were born with a small or average dick just take it for granted and learn to live with it while others are always unhappy. But I’ve witnessed that when some of these guys go through the PE workout ant grow their dicks they feel like been born again and happier with a new sexual life and self-esteem. That is the case of uc61la, just to mention one of many.

I personally haven’t yet experienced that happiness after 2 years of PE workout. Maybe my ligament is harder than other guys’, maybe I was not stretching hard enough. I don’t know. My hope is that this new technique I am about to start makes once and for all my dream come true.

Menwhile, let’s keep sharing our experiences and feelings. Let’s enjoy this bond and its very productive effects.



Man, I appreciate you!!


Thank you so much for taking the time to reply with such thoughtful and candid responses to hobby, mafero, and me. You are a good guy! It is times like this that make me proud to be a man and thankful that I know a few good men that I can share such personal, male issues with. Hmmmm…we’re starting to sound like the Marines, here. LOL. :chuckle:

Anyway, I really appreciate your thoughts. Thanks for sharing your insights on girth enhancement! I hope pumping, combined with other PE, will provide the rest of us the kind of excellent girth gains you have achieved. Hobby and mafero: Good luck guys!! I think we are on the right path.

As to the “ex”, she is a very beautiful, very sexy, very BITTER woman. When we first had sex, we went away for a weekend together and it was pretty amazing. Except for eating and bathroom breaks (lol), we stayed in bed the entire weekend. In the early days of our relationship, she treated me like a king. She served me breakfast in bed, sent me “surprise packages” with little love notes in them, and was very loving toward my children. But it wasn’t long before I began to notice that she treated other people in her life rather shabbily. I couldn’t help but wonder if “my day was coming” in that department, as well. Long story short…it DID!! I made matters worse by continuing to treat her like royalty after she began treating me and the kids like trash. I’ll never make that mistake again!! I finally woke up and cut her out like a cancer growing in our lives. After months of wreaking as much havoc as she could, she switched gears and began trying sweet-talk her way back into my life. Not going to work! No encore this time. ELVIS HAS LEFT THE BUILDING!!! ;)

Couple of quick PE questions for you. Like you, my primary goal is maximum girth, with added length being the secondary goal. I have a powerjelk, but stopped using it because my unit wasn’t yet conditioned enough and I was concerned about all that pressure on the dorsal nerve. Now I am thinking of adding it back to my routine. Do you, personally, PJ the sides of the penis, top and bottom, or both ways? Also, when I manually jelk, I am usually pretty erect…possibly as much as 80% (a guess). Do you see any problem with that? I’d have to PJ with ice cubes in order to successfully jelk flaccid. I don’t know how people accomplish that?! :-pink:

BTW, do any of you guys chat in the Thundersplace chat room?



I won’t be content until I’ve earned the name!

peforeal wrote: “So go for short periods and low vacuum at first, then gradually experiment with longer periods and gradually higher vacuum pressure.”

This is something I still don’t get because as I said before, my experience is that the longer I pump (in months) the shorter the time I need in the tube to get to the full expansion before I get too much fluid and a donut.

So while on my first month of pumping I needed 4 sessions of 15 minutes to get to a certain size, I now need only 3 sessions of 7 minutes to get to the same size. Pumping past this point starts building too much fluid and creating a donut. Even if I do find a way to avoid the donut past this size (using your wrapping idea for example), still it seems that the extra expansion I get past a certain point is only the fluid added.

So for me it’s the opposite: the more I pump, the shorter sessions I use.

bigjack: I don’t use Thunder’s chat, but we did have a Pumper’s Chat one night a while a go which was cool, though we didn’t have as many pumpers as we have now. Maybe we can schedule for another chat sometime.

Hey, Braker!

Is there any chance that your cylinder is too large in diameter? Just an idle thought. You know I decided that my initial tube was a bit too small, given how tight it was on my glans and base. But I decided to stick with it for a little while longer, and see if I could pack it out all the way down the shaft before moving up. I’m ready to move up to the next size, but I am glad I waited a few weeks to do it. I have evened out my girth. And, because it didn’t take much expansion to pack the tube, I’ve never had the donut problem (even when I was over pumping, pressure and time-wise). With the next size up, I may yet experience that donut thing, but I hope not.

And, yes, be all means let’s try to schedule another Pumper’s Chat sometime. I’m not much of a regular chat person (too many bad experiences with chat-addicted chicks, I think). But, I do enjoy chatting sometimes, given the right setting.



I won’t be content until I’ve earned the name!

Well, I’m between 5” to 5.2” girth depending on when I measure (still cementing that extra 0.2” - but I haven’t measured in a while, maybe it went up a little.. :) ) and I’m using a 1.75” cylinder.

I think I’m using the right size, though I believe it will take me a few more months until I can think of upgrading the cylinder and you might be right that in a tighter fit I will get less fluid.

Also remember that even though many suffer from the donut effect, it is still an individual thing and some people are more likely to have it than others.

Re chat: lets wait till avocet8 returns and we’ll talk about it.


Hey, guys, don’t leave me out. I am the one in most need since I’ve never pumped in my life. As I type this message the mailman can come any minute with the Priority Mail delivery with the pump and the cylinder. So my first day could be today or tomorrow. I have no idea how to do it. Stick my dick inside and start pumping is all too simple; I am aware there is a lot more to it. Please send my all your advices as soon as possible.

Remember, the girth of 3/4 of my shaft is 5.5” (including the head); only 1/4 of it is thinner (5.1, including the base). The cylinder I chose is 1.75”, following almost everyone’s recommendations.

If you can write like a simple routine or program for me I would be more than grateful.

I do enjoy sharing all this concerns with you, guys, and will appreciate any help you can give me.

The chat would be a great opportunity to discuss all our interests. Please let me know.




Reread avocet8’s Pumping101 post (though some of it is out of date, avocet said he’ll update it but I’m not sure if he did already).

I’ll give you a simple starting routine as an example -

It is rather simple actually:

Shave a circle around your shaft so you get a better seal.

1. do a warm up, use some lube.
2. get an erection, go in the tube erect
3. pump up until the seal is made then get to about 4.5Hg pressure
4. stay in the tube for 5 minutes
5. go out of the tube, jelq and squeeze (what do you normally do?) for about 5 minutes then go to step 2 again and repeat.

Start slowly, do two 5 minutes sessions the first few days, only after throw another session in and eventually maybe do 4 sessions.

Experiment, see what fits you best, maybe you need less pressure? Maybe a bit more (though be very careful on this one, I and others rarely go past 5Hg)? Maybe you need more or less sessions? Whatever, experiment carefully.

My cylinder

I just got my cylinder!

Thanks, Braker, for your quick, helpful reply.

The pump will be here tomorrow, hopefully. I tried the cylinder with my dick hard but no lube, and it doesn’t fit in! Is that correct? I followed all recommendations. The thickest part of my dick is the head and the following 4 inches. Well, they don’t fit inside the tube without lube. I didn’t try lube, anyway. I guess this cylinder would help me with the unevenness of my shaft and with the length and would probably do nothing with my 5.5 with can hardly fit in.

Please, let me know if something is wrong here.




First - I’m sure that with lube you can fit it in, but I imagine you are concerned about it anyhow.

Since I’m sure there aren’t any differences between 1.75” cylinders from different makes, I guess the difference is either in the measuring or it the shape of the penis. As I said, when I expand I get past 5.5” girth and still fit it, peforeal agreed as well and stretchmen said he has room for expansion with his 5.5” girth in his 1.75” cylinder, also most pump makes recommend this size cylinder for this size girth.

Maybe your measuring wasn’t accurate? Or maybe the shape of your penis is wider rather than deeper and that creates the problem.

Anyhow - you *will* fit it with lube, you will get more even girth from this and you should expand lengthwise. Then you can move up to the next size.

Keep us posted.

Further to cylinder sizing

Hey, guys:

I just got an email from a friend of mine who is a pumper and who, as a matter of fact, is the one who recommended this technique to me. I had emailed him my fears about the cylinder I just bought (not exchangable, not refundable) which is the size he had recommended. This is his reply, which seems revealing to me (to mi ignorance, let’s say):


The vacuum will draw you in from a flaccid or semi
erect state and make you from 2 to 3 inches longer so
that will make you thinner. That’s exactly how it is
supposed to be. Going in erect is not what it is
about. You are sized just right probably for the next
6 months at least.


I didn’t know about getting thinner because of the fact of getting longer inside. Let me know your experience about this.

He also sent me the sizing chart from the manufacturer:

Penis Girth Cylinder Size
4 3/4” 1 1/2”

5 1/2” 1 3/4”

6 1/4” 2”

7” 2 1/4”

7 7/8” 2 1/2”

8 5/8” 2 3/4”

9 3/4” 3”

Hope to hear some feedback from you.

Your new devoted fellow pumper (starting tomorrow).


I do not agree with your friend. You are not going to get thinner, you get stretched both up wards and to the sides, if anything - most pumpers experience more girth expansion than length (but again, if you pack the cylinder with your girth than you would expand more up wards cause there’s nowhere else to go).

The reason I recommended going inside the tube when you are erect is in order to minimize fluid buildup. I think most pumpers in this forum prefer doing that because of this reason. However, you can pump from semi-hard as well. And in your case - it might be easier, and anyhow there’s a chance you won’t get much fluid because it’s a tight fit.

powerjelq use


BIGJACK WROTE: “Couple of quick PE questions for you. Like you, my primary goal is maximum girth, with added length being the secondary goal. I have a powerjelk, but stopped using it because my unit wasn’t yet conditioned enough and I was concerned about all that pressure on the dorsal nerve. Now I am thinking of adding it back to my routine. Do you, personally, PJ the sides of the penis, top and bottom, or both ways? Also, when I manually jelk, I am usually pretty erect…possibly as much as 80% (a guess). Do you see any problem with that? I’d have to PJ with ice cubes in order to successfully jelk flaccid. I don’t know how people accomplish that?!…….BTW, do any of you guys chat in the Thundersplace chat room?”

PEFOREAL RESPONSE: I personally only PJ across the top and bottom. For me I found PJ’ing the sides uncomfortable. Others have the reverse preference, which may be due to the different structures of our penises.
I don’t see any problems jelqing manually with 80% erectness. I’ve found that some decent level of erection is much more conducive to results. With the PJ though, you should not have a rock hard erection when jelqing, or if you do just concentrate your PJ strokes on the lower base of the shaft without running the PJ up the shaft and perhaps causing some injury…. I used to use the chat room about a year ago, but haven’t gone there for awhile. It would be great to resurrect activity there on the topic of pumping or some other hot issue.

Have a good one.


Thoughts before retiring

Braker, I do think as your girth increases and you fill the tube more, you will have less fluid build-up (especially at the conservative times and pressures you and most of us are using). When does avocet8 get back? I hope we can all meet for a Pumper’s chat after he returns!

Mafero, I know you are excited about getting your cylinder, and probably champing at the bit for that pump to arrive. I wouldn’t sweat too much about the snug fit just yet. It will probably be fine. I am with Braker in differing with your pumper friend on you getting thinner in the tube. If you go into the cylinder only partially erect, take the vacuum pressure up slowly. With a good erection you can get to the 4 or 5” Hg fairly quickly (once you acclimate to pumping). But, I would allow more time to bring the pressure up without a good erection. Don’t overdo it!

Peforeal, thank you for the input on jelqing (I was having a spelling brain-lock earlier…lol) and on the PJ. I was actually seeing some early results with the PJ, but got frightened off by so many warnings from a few senior posters. I have a much better feel for what is going on with my penis now, and have the confidence to proceed. I think I will add PJ back to my routine starting next week.

OK, goodnight guys! It’s been a great week here at Thunder’s!



I won’t be content until I’ve earned the name!

about the hair
i made an attempt to shave when i got the pump but it wasnt as
thorough as i would have liked.after looking through the wifes
draws in the ensuite i found a product called veet .
its a hair removal product but aint wax(ouch) .the product is like
toothpaste when deployed and has moisturising properties.
from my experience its a winner and the more you do the treatment ,the less regroth occurs.
maybe this could help hair mantinence efficency and make the
process a little safer.pumpers cant work with cuts.



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