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new pumper / HELP !

Thanks again


I can’t stop saying that I am so glad I came to Thundersplace and posted my concerns at the Pumper’s Forum. You and Braker have given me a very valuable information in a couple of days. All that you explain in your latest reply about cylinder sizes makes a lot of sense. Since I’ve never tried my penis into one of those cylinders I could not visualize all aspects you are now making so clear for me.

It sounds like the 1.75” cylinder would be the right choice for the beginning of my pumping training. No, this kind of money ($70) is not an issue. So maybe in a couple of months (hopefully) I can jump “into” the 2” cylinder and another $70 would be more than justified.

Thanks again. I’ll keep posting my questions and thank you in advance for all your help.


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You’re very welcome. We’re glad to help.


Yeah, we too! ;)

And thanks bigjack as well, it’s great to see the Pumper’s Forum getting more alive and busy, there’s so many new pumpers recently and I keep reading that a lot of the non-pumpers PE vets on this board are deciding to give pumping a try, so I hope we’ll get some more great feedback from their creative minds soon!

btw - mafero: this was stretchman response on the cylinder size, if you haven’t read it yet: “Regarding the cylinder, Vacutech said 1.75 is tube i need for 5.5 girth. Dick has some room for expansion, glands and base already touching sides of tube.”

Hi again

Hi, bigjack, peforeal and Braker:

If I only mentioned peforeal and Braker in my previous message it was because I was responding to the the 2 latest messages I received, which were from these 2 good fellow pumpers. But by all means I have always in my mind bigjack, whose reply to my original message was the most comprehensive explanation I could expect from anyone.

To the three of you, my thanks and hopes for a continuous help.

Let me also mention TomSizeMore13 who also gave me his advice and support.

I want to let you know that today I ordered my pump, Mity Vac, which is a hand version, apparently identical to Vacu-Tech Deluxe. I also ordered a 1.75” cylinder with the intention of making my girth even. A 2” cylinder will come later, hope soon (how soon? You know better than me).

You will hear from me very often, and hope to get your comments and advice with same frequency.



just got a pump
ive pjed for about 3 weeks and had some gain but the la pump
is an absolute winner.after reading the pump forum and learning
the does and donts about routine,pressure and time duration
i havent had a problem yet.acovet 8 im on your most excelent
program and have gained length already.i am now a believer
in pe erect length is now 6inchs and girth is 5 and a
quarter.not bad for 5by5 5weeks pipe is a 1.75by 9.
maybe i can match peforeal down the track and fill the tube.
once again thanks for the inspiration and invaluable advice .
keep up the good work.



Congratulations on your early success with pumping. After almost two years of PE’ing and pumping, I’m convinced that the combination of these activities can really provide excellent results, especially in regard to girth gains. As I have written earlier, I had to learn a lot on my own via trial and error, and I’m happy to share my experiences with others to help them be successful and avoid some of my mistakes. And by the way, I’m still experimenting and continuing to refine and learn techniques, especially combining pumping.


Among good company!!

Mafero, I join Braker and peforeal in saying that you are most welcome for any assitance we can provide. And, thank you for that honorable mention, Braker. LOL :chuckle:

You are in good company in this forum, and would be hard-pressed to find a better or more helpful group of guys. It’s like a brotherhood or fraternity of mutual respect, since we are all after the same thing and can appreciate the hard work and dedication it takes each of us to arrive at those goals.

I have not added anything to the discussion the past few days, because peforeal and Braker have you covered in the best tradition of the Pumpers’ Forum. And, I agree with peforeal that a combination strategy in PE is hard to beat. Personally, I am so glad that I didn’t listen to the naysayers regarding pumping!!

Oh, and nulla…welcome, and remarkable gains there!



I won’t be content until I’ve earned the name!

Hi everyone and welcome nulla, great gains!

Wow.. this place is really getting active at the moment, I haven’t been logged in for only a few hours and there has been so many new posts!

Just before avocet8 went away I told him that the Pumper’s Forum is pretty sleepy and we need to wake it up, I think he’ll be really surprised when he gets back at the amount of activity and new members that joined us in the last couple of weeks! :)


Hi, bigjack, peforeal and Braker:

I am glad the Pumper’s Forum is awake; let’s keep it that way. I am glad that I unintentionally triggered this awakening.

Yes, bigjack, this is like a brotherhood where we help one another in the enhancement of our manly organ. In fact, when I started with, I called the group of guys the Brotherhood of the Cock. Eexcuse me if the language sounds vulgar, it was partly a joke but it was above all the way I felt it, no matter what words we use. We can rephrase it as the Brotherhood of the Pumpers, if you wish. But your idea, bigjack is also mine, and I bet peforeal and Braker can share the feeling with us.

My first vacuum pump and cylinder are supposed to arrive in a couple of days. I’ll keep you informed of my workout and will send you messages for help, if I need it.

I am full of expectations and hope. This is an old, very old dream I have been feeding since I was a kid. Now, over 40, I couldn’t believe that my dream can come true. I repeat, the only reason I am going to start with the vacuum pump is to make my penis permanently bigger and the girth even. Other guys might use it for other purposes even for erotic pleasure. I respect that, but this is not my case. I don’t deny that all this workout might have sometimes a touch of unavoidable pleasure but that is not my intention.

You know what it feels like. Only other men with same feelings and hopes can understand what I am going thru. Hope to hear from you with your advice and support. Hope nulla can join us permanently.

Again, guys, thanks for taking your time to help me. I promise you, I will help others as soon as I see results and learn about this system.

Best regards,


Yeah, that’s what I like so much about the Internet, online forums and this one in particular. Outside, at work places etc., you find that most of the time people are keeping their secrets to themselves, withholding information as if it can hurt them if other people will know what they know.

While here, you find that people are actually enjoying to share information. You get helped and in turn when you feel you can do the same, you are really happy to help others.

And just think where were we all if not for this sharing.

Mafero,Braker, Bigjack, Avocet8, et al,

Brotherhood of the Cock or Pumpers sounds fine to me. I was never in a fraternity while in college earning degrees during the 70’s, so this is the closest I have come to belonging to a fraternity of brothers with a common interest.

I’m so glad that through the power of the internet, I found forums like this where as a man I could honestly and freely discuss and share every concern/insecurity I ever had about my dick size. The great news is that I was able to do something permanently about it once and for all. The gains came and are still coming! For most of my life, I thought I was so unique in the feelings of size discontent which were self-inflicted. It was great to find out that I was not alone, and that dick size change was possible and probable with effort, time and patience.

In reflection, pumping was my first and only PE technique for months before I eventually learned about jelqing, stretching, squeezes, etc. Without a mentoring Forum early on, my pumping routines were random and haphazard at best, with mistakes made along the way as a pumping newbie. I was fortunate to have stumbled my way into some gains by accidental successes. Finally, I think I have a real good personal understanding of how to use pumping for maximum effectiveness, and that I can continue to improve on future size gains through the incorporation of various pumping/combo routines. Life is great, especially with a big dick!

I am continuing to experiment with some current pumping routines in my 2.5 inch diameter cylinder, and I am very happy with the results so far. I can pump real big, retain much of the pumped results, avoid the donut, maintain a good erection when needed and keep a normal shape - all of which should be the main objectives of effective pumping. The past two weeks have been very good pumping weeks for me. I seem to have bridged another milestone with my 2.0 inch diameter tube becoming too small after 15 minutes in the pump, resulting in my using the 2.5 inch diameter cylinder as my predominant pumping tube.

I am so glad that I have gone back to my “pumping roots”. For many months, I had abandoned pumping when I became knowledgeable of jelqing, stretching, ulis, etc… I started also to believe some of the negative pumping propaganda from various websites and moved away from this technique. It was because of Thunders Forum and Avocet8’s Pumping Forum in particular, that I resurrected my pumping tools and actively began to pump again on a regular basis. And I’ve rediscovered what I already had found before - that effective pumping does work for permanent gains.

I have decided to refocus all of my efforts on pumping for maximum girth gains first, then I will concentrate on working for length gains later. As I have written before, I am currently at 7.5 inches erect length and 6.75 - 7.00 inches erect base girth. My current goal is to try to even out my entire erect shaft to at least 6.75 inches in girth. Whatever, if any, new length gains I get along the way will be icing on the cake. My current length is more than sufficient for my needs and uses with my partner. My immediate goal is to get my dick as thick as possible in both the erect and especially in the flaccid states. What drives me most is my own personal ideal dick image which has always reflected thickness as the priority.

I started out writing this post as a brief response to mafero’s last post. Forgive me if I have gone on much too long. I just got carried away. Here’s to great pumping for everyone, and yes Happy Holidays to One and All!


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Great post peforeal!

Thanks for sharing. Your gains are a true inspiration and proof that it is possible!

Your list of the main objectives of effective pumping should be written in stone for all new pumpers to remember.

Happy Holidays!

For most of my life, I thought I was so unique in the feelings of size discontent which were self-inflicted. It was great to find out that I was not alone, and that dick size change was possible and probable with effort, time and patience.


What do you think are the keys to your success in adding permanent size by pumping? What procedures/routines have you found most productive? Any advice for the “girth-challenged” guys like me?


peforeal and other “brothers”:

I see that the benefits from participating in forums like this or even chats are of two different nature: 1) the feeling of relieve by sharing with other guys all feelings about the most hidden part of our bodies, which is the most important in our sexual lives and in our pride of being male; 2) making it bigger, and sometimes enhancing its performance by improving the erection, ejaculation control, etc.

The first time I was in a chat, at, 2 years ago, I was literally shaking. I was finally able to talk with other men about that organ that our society has considered for centuries as a challenge and condemned as forbidden. What a relieve from that first day on!

All frustrations, hopes, dreams, goals, and even pride came out with all freedom and honesty, as well as a full description of my dick to support all those feelings. No more secrets.

I look back two years later and see how great this experience was and still is although my goals have not been reached. Frustration came as an enemy. Then I found this new technique and forum, and my dreams are alive again with new hopes.

I haven’t started yet. My equipment will be with me maybe tomorrow. Then I will restart again all my daily workout with enthusiasm and dedication.

I am happy with the shape of my dick but I do want (or need) to make it bigger. I understand what guys like peforeal should feel with his size, and I only hope to be able to have a big dick myself and be proud of it.

Let’s keep sharing all this and helping one another. We are not alone anymore. Let’s work together and reach our goals!





This has been a really good thread, providing a measure of cleansing, healing, and affirmation for me (and hopefully for some of you)! It was good to hear some of your “dick histories” and see how much we have in common. :chuckle:

Growing up, I knew that I did not have the smallest penis on the block. But, I also played enough sports and took enough PE (the other kind…lol) to know that I would never be the “cock of the walk” in any men’s locker room. That was rather disheartening, to say the least. Even though I might be able to flame some of them in a half dozen other categories in life, the “studs” always had a certain measure of confidence that I lacked. They knew they had the “meat” that many of us were missing (and secretly desired to have). And that made a HUGE difference in their lives, and in many of ours.

I was always in the “average” range for penis length, though it certainly felt LESS than average to me. But, back earlier this year, my below-average girth status was thrown in my face in a way I will never forget. My ex-fiancee’ posted in a web community we belonged to that I had a rather small package, but that she never minded because I had so many other fine qualities. Sheesh, what a bitch! :cuss: I know she was just being ugly, and trying to hurt me in a way she knew would succeed. Our sex-life had actually been quite good. After we broke up, she told me that no matter where our futures took us, that she still wanted to hook up 3 or 4 times a year and have sex with me (Fat chance!!). Still, her public remarks about my penis provided the impetus I needed to finally become determined to do something about my life-long grievance with my size.

After searching for ways and means to accomplish my PE goals, I joined one of the more expensive, but questionable, commercial sites. I won’t give the guy any free advertising here, but he is well-known and not well-liked at this forum! It was there on his rather useless forum page that a frustrated member posted Thunder’s web address. Hehe! That led me here, where I am finally making some gains toward my goal of having a BIG dick. Hallelujah!!!

Hobby, I too am girth challenged, but am already seeing some progress in overcoming that issue. In the not so distant future, the only people in our lives who will be “girth-challenged” will be our lovers! ;) Peforeal has set us a fine example of what can be accomplished in the girth department, and I have my eye set on the goal. I also plan to gain a few inches in length before I retire from this pursuit.

So, heres to great gains, confidence, and contentment for all of us!!! :gulp:



I won’t be content until I’ve earned the name!


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