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New Pumper Feeling His Way

New Pumper Feeling His Way

Just got my pumping rig together with a locally purchased MityVac II and a cylinder from LA Pump. Now have a set-up like Dr. Joel Kaplan’s “manual system” for about a third the cost.

Have pumped for three days now, and am not sure if I am on the right track or not. First day, did a warm-up with hot towel, followed by a 10-minute dry pump session at 4-5” Hg. I lubed up good and had a good seal. The pressure felt a little intense, as I had never pumped before…but no pain. Followed the guidelines for cylinder size (4.5” EG = 1.5” dia. cylinder), but it felt a little snug with very little room for girth expansion. I just figured, “What the heck…it will pull me longer into the tube.” To my surprise, it didn’t do that. In fact, my length in the tube was slightly less than my normal nbp EL, even though the tube was sucked against my pubic bone.

Day two, I pumped in very warm water (in the tub) at 5-6” Hg for 10 minutes. Again, it felt a little snug for girth, but I was pulled a little longer into the tube. So, I felt I was making at least a little progress. On both of the first two days, I did penile massage followed by 100 PJ’s and several minutes of JAI’s after the pumping session. I neither looked nor felt “pumped” after either session, though I hung a little better flaccid.

On day three, I got a little more aggressive. I did a 20 minute warm water pump at 6” Hg, followed by massage, PJ’s, and JAI’s. After a brief rest, I did another 10 minute warm water pump at 6 ” Hg, with the same follow-up routine. Afterward, I looked a bit more pumped (just slightly), and definitely felt heavier. It was a good feeling. My flaccid hang was noticeably improved for the rest of the evening. Today was my “day of rest”. Even though my flaccid hang was smaller today than yesterday, just a slight shake of my “tool” made it hang more like it did just after the pump sessions.

My goal is to go from 5.75” nbp EL and 4.5” EG to +8” nbp EL and +6” EG. I’m concerned that with the tightness of the cylinder, I won’t see any girth improvements coming from pumping until I move to a larger diameter tube. Also, I hear pumpers talk about how great pumping feels, aside from the PE goals being pursued. I can’t say that I have experienced anything closely resembling “pleasure” from pumping, so far…not that this is my goal. At lower pressures (~4” Hg or less) I feel nothing. At higher pressure (5 or 6” Hg), I feel only minor discomfort or nothing at all…no pleasure and no pain. Does this change with time, or do some pumpers just not experience the same thing as others?

Anyway, I will be adding a BiB Starter routine to my stretches, PJ’s and pumping. Once, I have acclimated to all of this PE, and I’m sure “Willy” can handle it, I’ll start working on Horse 440’s and any other girth routine that looks promising. For now, I’m just happy to have passed the point of being a forum “lurker” and to have actually started in earnest on my PE program. I’ll post my gains on Size’s chart page and let you know how I’m coming along here in this forum.

Let’s all get hung!!!



I won’t be satisfied until I’ve earned the name


bigjack, you are doing a lot of stuff for a beginner and are expecting, imo, too much too soon. But congrats on the enthusiasm.

Like any other PE exercise, pumping effects are cumulative and occur over time. It may be weeks before you start to get that post work-out hang you want. It may last just a half hour at first, but gradually it lasts longer.

I think you have the right tube size for now. You will gradually pull some length; don’t worry about girth just yet. Be patient and leave the Horses for much later. We’re all different but I got my best length gains by alternating jelking (about a hundred strokes) with very short pumps - 5 or 6 minutes.

Re: the pleasure of it
It’s certainly not like sex. For me it’s more like the stretch and release that yoga exercises give, or maybe a dumb analogy, the feeling of having worked but not overdone a Stairmaster machine with your dick, if that makes sense.



I Won't Rush Things!

Hi avocet8! Thanks for your input. It is much appreciated. I will give the shorter pump sessions mixed with jelking a try. I am currently doing 100 PJ’s with pumping. Only went to two sessions yesterday, because I honestly felt like the single 10-minute sessions were not even mildly affecting my penis. But, what do I know? Newbie here…just experimenting. I am very cautious to look out for any sign of pain or discoloration. Have experienced neither, so far…no spotting, no nothing.

I plan to slowly incorporate light hanging within a week or two, being a firm believer in “cross-training”. I have always been in relatively good shape, even though I have smoked most of my life. Six months ago, I quit smoking and began working out, again, at home. Then, I joined a local gym and stepped up my work-outs. I’m 50 years young, but am a very determined individual who steadfastly pursues his goals. I will pay careful attention to those, like yourself, who are more experienced than me (So glad you guys are here!). And with the guidance of the successful members of this forum, I will aggressively go after that “bigger tool” I so desire.

Oh, and not to worry…I wasn’t planning on adding Horses (or anything that intense) for some time yet (just thinking ahead). But, thanks for the warning! I have a LOT of respect for you and the others who have already been at the PE thing for a while and have learned so much in the process.



I won’t be content until I’ve earned the name!

PJ after pump


Have you tried using your PJ with the rollers vertical. I did this when I first got my PJ and feel like I get such a pump that it’s almost indescribable. Someone earlier had suggested pumping to 4-5in for serveral minutes then releasing vacuum and PJing for 35 strokes, Then repeat several times, as appropriate for experience level. I’ve tried this several times and really like the feel.


Surfer1, I like the idea of alternating pumping and PJ’s. That’s what I was attempting when I did the two sessions of each, back-to-back, on Saturday. But, based on what you and avocet have said, I probably need to use shorter pumping sessions. There seems to be some evidence of this combination helping to solidify gains.

As to vertical vs. horizontal roller positions on the PJ, I like your thinking. At first I did my PJ’s with the rollers in the horizontal position, only. I did 100 strokes per session, and still didn’t feel like I was moving a lot of blood to the head. Considering the anatomy of the penis (where the largest blood vessels are located, the position of the chambers, etc.), it seemed intuitive to me to do vertical rolling, too. I started including some vertical rolling, experimentally, along with the horizontal rolling, and liked the results also.

Thanks for your input! I’m still very new and very much on the learning curve. I like the exchange of feedback to help us all develop better programs. Hopefully, we will all get those gains we are after, and be bigger men for our efforts. Hehe.



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