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New Pump?

New Pump?

Hey guys, I just ordered a “Deluxe Package” #SKU15 from LA Pumps which consists of their best single handed pump with gauge, a 10x2” cylinder, & the video. I use to pump with one of their standard models just for fun, until it finally gave out, & a 2 1/4” cylinder I found at a farm supply store. Now that I’ve found Thunders, & started jelqing & stretching more regularly, I read that regular pumping could help with girth gains. Is this true & did I get a good pump & cylinder or not? Thanks & please feel free to PM me if you choose to do so.

You bought an excellent pump that will give you years of service. I still can’t say how many years, because after 3 plus, mine is still working like new. Follow the guidelines in avocet8 pumping 101 thread, don’t use too much pressure and yes, you will get girth gains as well as some length. There is tons of info in the Pumpers Forum and while you are waiting for your delivery, it makes good reading.

Ok, I live in an agricultural town…

Where in a farm supply store did you find a 2-1/4” cylinder??

If girth is king, why the hell does everyone keep talking about length?

Ah ha muttley, I wondered if this would spark a question such as yours! It’s not actually MADE as a pump cylinder, it is a very sturdy, 9 inch, clear water filter cartridge holder with a 1/2 inch threaded coupler at the end and works great. The end that fits against the pelvis is also threaded but I put it to a grinder followed by emery cloth to make it nice and smooth against my skin thus no need for a rubber sealing doughnut. Hey, you know us farmers and ranchers, we have to be inventive and make use of what’s on hand at the time. Poor people have poor ways!!! LOL Thanks to you gprent101 for your reply. Happy gaining guys and stay pumped.

Geezzz fellas, now I’m concerned after reading some other threads wondering if I ordered the right cylinder for my erect girth which is 5.75-6”. As I recall, I used to fill the 2.25” one all the way around after about 20 minutes of pumping, but mind you I didn’t have a gauge & I’ve read that 20 minutes might be excessive. If I fill the 2 incher that I ordered rapidly will it still help me gain girth or will that possibly start to increase length? Hey both are welcome scenarios but I thought I should ask some of you pros.

Oh yea muttly, I got my first pump, that gave out on me after about 6 years, from a marine- boat store. It is identical to the LA SKU7 brass pump and as I recall was about $10 less than LA’s list price. Went back to the same store when I decided to get back into pumping & saw another one there but decided I needed one with a gauge so I could proceed like you pros. Plus the jerk at the store didn’t know what the price was for it, I hate incompetence!!!

The 2 inch cylinder will take you up to at least 6.3 girth and you can probably reach 6.5 girth with it.

Twenty minutes is not necessarily excessive if you are using a reasonable pressure around 5 or 6 in hg. I like to make my sessions 30 minutes of total pump time. Either three 10 minute sessions, two 15 minute sessions, or one 30 minute session. If I go for the 30 minute continuous, I spend the first 5 minutes at 4 in hg, the next 5 minutes at 5 in hg, the next 5 minutes at 6 in hg and the final 15 minutes between 6 and 7 in hg. To help with circulation during my routine, I always milk the tube and kegel and recently, have been adding vibration from an electric vibrator.

You have to earn your way up the pumping ladder, however. After weeks and months, your conditioning allows you to do more. It’s better to start slow and work your way up, then to go too fast and hard and be out of commission doing nothing.

Thanks a bunch for all that great advice there gprent! Sounds like a very workable schedule & makes alot of sense. I know just how easy it can be to overdue it as I sometimes did when using my old system “just for the fun of it”. Holy crow if I can reach a 6.5” girth I’ll never get any peace, as it is right now I get stared at all the time in the locker room with a flaccid hang of 5.5x5” nbp. & its pretty vascular as well. I’ll just hope for the best in all regards & if so I’ll have to start wearing a towel lol. Thanks again & can’t wait to get started. Also do you think I’ll be ok using a 10” cylinder with a bpl of 8”?

Trust me, you won’t be wearing a towel to hide it.

If you are 8” now, a 10” tube should do you pretty well. Some guys pull as much as an extra inch over normal erect L under pressure; still if that happened your glans would be well below the air valve at the top and safe from chaffing.



Thanks once again avocet, I thought that might be the case as my old tube is a bit over 9” & I was almost topping it off before I quit using it thus my concern. As far as the towel, you’re probably right, because I wouldn’t want to disappoint all the guys that stare & hit on me now in the locker room. I’ve had more than one come up & ask if I was taking any kind of supplement for my size but not a one if I was doing any PE! Our secrets must not be as well known as I had once thought. So long as I’m going to the gym to pump up my body as well as getting my ego pumped, why not go with a pumped up cock? Pain is only weakness leaving the body!!!

Thanks for the info, Oli!

If girth is king, why the hell does everyone keep talking about length?

Well fellas, it just got here!!! Needless to say I’m sitting here with the cylinder at work right now, it’s being able to disconnect from the pump is a wonderful feature! Oh man I forgot how fantastic this feels while the video is really pretty good, not just another f—k flick. It has quite a bit of good penis health in it. Well I had best go & check how long I’ve been at 6hg. Now I am “happy pumping”

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