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New method

New method

I’ve been contemplating why hanging and “all day” stretching devices work and have decided to try something similar with my pump. I’ve had it on for an hour so far on very low pressure. Enough to make me almost half erect. Would any of you advise against it or maybe think its a good idea?

Ill let you know how it works.

To elaborate

I figure that if i leave it on for several hours at low pressure, it will be on long enough to “heal” in this state , therefore bringing permanent gains. I was feeling a bit of discomfort at 50% erect , so I lessened the pressure to where I no longer felt suction. I’m pumped at about 40% right now and plan to keep going until I feel any discomfort again.

Anyone think this is dangerous? Tell me.

Long Term pumping

At some level, you will be stpping normal blood circulation, so you need to check that.

What I don’t understand is how you can fit that much pumping into your life. Other methods eg —ADS— allow other daily activities unimpeded.

Rob, "the person formerly known as P9"

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I normally watch TV or play on the computer for a couple hours with the pump on. I have plenty of free time after work to do it. As for the blood flow problem, I Kegel periodically and keep my heating pad around the pump to promote added circulation. I’ve been doing it for over a week now and have noticed very slight flacid girth gains. The only problem is that I’ve started something else new also. I put on my cockring afterwards and maintain a full erection for at least 15 minutes +squeezes. Maybe these 2 methods combined are the reason for the gains. I havent taken a break yet from the daily routine to see if I lose flacid size yet. I have added these 2 techniques to my normal 200-300 jelques.

Having done this (pumping) for almost a year and a half, I don’t see a whole lot of sense in staying in the cylinder, even at low pressure, for so long. Healing probably takes place when we are totally un-erect and over a long (like a day or more) period of time during which we also have naturally-occuring erections.

The cock ring part, maybe. The jury is still out on this but there are indications (for me, anyway) that wearing a ring for a couple of hours after PE might encourage flaccid growth in the long run.

Any comments, guys?



My Comment

SlimJim: Go ahead and experiment.

Yes, certain PE may be for the individual, but what you are making reference to (in the pump longer) worked for me.

Personally, although most schools of thought have their own validity, i would be more inclined to take the advice of someone who has experimented and done the whole gambit over someone whose knowledge base is only based on like say a mere 10 minutes in the tube.
I believe extra PE gains (the ones that go beyond the norm of re-collecting lost penile health/activation) can also come about as a result of pushing the tissue-limits.

It’s really a matter of personal preference: 10 minute tube sessions are imo a great bonus to incorporate into a manual pe regimen as well as helping in the onset of pre manual pe blood flow as well as enhancement of penile health in general.

The major draw-back to mega time in the tube is the pe’er needs to have enough common sense as well as mental sensitivity to know his boundaries and able to recognize what to do/not to do at any particular given moment so as to keep himself safe. I see no harm in going ahead and experimenting and maintaining on-going updates (regular reporting-in) with what you are doing and what is happening in the details of such. Caution: At least once an hour release the pressure (or sooner/you will know) and reapply lube to henry and massage him for a few long seconds before ressuming. Always pump in an up-right ans comfortable position with henry hanging comfortably down. and following your session remain in a comfortable position with henry still hanging down, unfetterd and keeping him warm (not hot) for a length of time if you have the privacy to do so.

Warning: Do not cause embarrassment to our pumping community by injuring yourself or the masters of tube will come and take you away in the middle of night. :)

Good luck in all that you do.
And above all, be safe as well as vigilent!

life is short, enjoy it while you can at Thunders Place.

Thanks for the comments/advice.

I had an off day yesturday and didn’t notice any shrinkage. During the day, I walk around and notice that I have to make frequent crotch adjustments since I started my new techniques. Normally, my penis doesnt go anywhere for me to have to adjust it. I really feel that this is working, not only for flacid girth , but also length. I’ll have to start taking flacid measurements for verification. I still cannot rule out that this may only be a psychological and optimistic illusion with no measureable gains. A factor that I have to consider is that I’ve been refraining from masturbation. Being aware that I havent ejaculated makes me think of sex more often and that may be keeping my penis in a lager flacid state. Sigh* too many factors to consider, this is going to take some time.
Dont worry, mistered, I’ll take it easy on Henrey. He has been a bit overworked and underpaid lately.

Any updates?

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