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New Member Seeks Help


New Member Seeks Help

Hi everyone,

I’m Adam, a disabled guy going through some massive changes post amputation surgery. I figured if I’m going to revamp the body, then the most important muscle should get some pumping too, huh? ;-)

I just got a new penis pump and i’m trying to figure out the best way to use it with the correct lube, etc.

any one out there want to give a helping hand? (pardon the pun)


Sorry to hear about your amputation, but glad you are not letting it slow you down. As far as tips and tricks go, read the very first thread in the pumpers forum, namely Vacuum Pumping 101. Scan several other threads as many contain good advice on things like lubes, milking the tube, performing kegels while pumping, etc.

A couple of quick tips. In order to become accustomed to the pump without causing damage, take it nice and slow at first. Keep your pressure around 4 in hg and your pump time to about 10 minutes. You can do 2 or 3 pump sets per session and finish with a nice hard on massage for 10-15 minutes.

For lube, I prefer KY Jelly or the Target or K-Mart equivalent brand that sells for about half the price. The KY makes a great seal and cleans up with just warm water. Apply it to the first one inch inside the cylinder and on the cylinder flange. Also apply it all over your cock and at the base.

Have a bowl of warm water handy to make it slick for when you exit the tube say after your first set and are ready to enter it again for you second pump set.

In between pump sets, massage your cock to restore blood flow and maintain an erection. Use the warm water to keep things slick. No need to reapply more KY after the initial application, as the water will do the trick.

Let us know how it works out or if you have more questions.


Damn you have a great attitude. I sincerely wish you good luck in your endeavor. The pump works great just take it slow in the beginning. Reading the stuff around here helps a lot too. If I had taken it slower in the beginning I wouldnt still be waiting for the dark spots on my dick to lighten up. So just take it easy.


You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

Hey Adam:

Would it help to write about you amputation to a great listener? If so, PM me or any of the guys here with any questions. Most of us are just great people with a common goal. Steve

Tell you what guys, why not do what b rocka did… look up my profile information and send me a private message or an mail :-)

The amputation came from a disease called lymphedema, it’s best to check out for the information.

gprent, and everyone, I’m going to follow as much information as possible. I would be ecstatic if someone could come by and show me even once handson (or help me w/ the shaving).

Originally Posted by ny_pump_cub

I would be ecstatic if someone could come by and show me even once handson (or help me w/ the shaving).

Welcome to Thunder’s Place Adam. You’ll get lots of good information here about pumping and PE in general if you stay on track. If you stray into the area of looking for a hookup, you won’t last as a member (this also applies to solicitation via PMs). Even a guy who’s lost a limb can shave his own cock. We have a policy here of low tolerance for member’s soliciting other members. Stick to the subject of pumping and we’ll be happy to help.

What was amputated?



my left leg was amputated due to the circulation failure going out of control and become abscessed. sorry about the straying into hookups. I’m working on staying away from that.


Good idea. Work on local resources for those hookups. There are plenty of legit ones. The hospital where you had the amutation done can provide you with a whole long list of support organizations.

Meanwhile, if you want to talk about pumping and PE in general, we are here to support you in that.



sounds like this’ll be a great place after all. I’ll be honest with y’all, I had my doubts when I posted the original message because last pumping group I joined was @ yahoo and it got deleted, etc.

I am going to try an experiment and see if I can put some vaseline around the base of my cock thick enough to create the needed slickness for the cylinder to maybe avoid shaving.


I dont know how many guys actually are shaved but I am not. I trim the pube’s, grease my dick and go in hard. I do not use any vaseline because it is too hard to clean up here at the office. I use vitamin E cream and a little KY Ultra. Now that I am fitting in to the two inch tube so much better I dont even need to put lube at the base of the tube to seal it. I may have to pump up the tube once or twice during my sessions but that is less of a hassle for me than the cleanup is.

Good luck.


You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

well, I tried it last night, and I put the vaseline around the base of the shaft. I matted the hair down pretty tightly god what a greasy mess that was LOL, but the cylinder stuck in place.

only problem is i get soft very quickly ‘n can’t seem to enter the cylinder hard :-( The other problem is that the hair got sucked into the cylinder and it hurt a bit but not enough to stop the process. I got so horny that I didn’t even have to touch myself afterwards, go figure.


PS: i can’t seem to find the movies/videos about penis pumping, all I find are the extension ones which are also quite informative.

regarding the movies, nevermind I found them.. the tutorial section (duh) LOL


Hey guys (sorry for the cross posting in different forums)

got a interesting set of questions:

1. when will the lengthening begin with the pump?
2. do you always remain hard after entering the pump?

I guess i’m a little concerned and a bit impatient.



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