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New bathmate parts

New bathmate parts

Opened the cap to my bathmate that I purchased this year and was surprised to see that mine doesn’t have the grey sponge part that a lot of how to clean your bathmate videos speak about. Was wondering if this is normal with newer versions and if someone else with the bathmate noticed this

Mine didn’t come with any extra sponge. Just the pump and an instruction booklet. That’s all you get.

No I mean on the top cap that you push to release pressure when you open it up to clean a lot of people say there should be a tiny grey sponge that goes there. Mine never had that

I don’t think there is or was. I’ve never seen any thing like that. It’s one piece.

I don’t think there is or was. I’ve never seen any thing like that. It’s one piece. And you do not “open it up” to clean it.

Maybe you could post a link to one of these videos? You should not ever be opening any part of your pump.

This the video I saw it

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dude, that’s not even a link.

Edit: I fixed it, I forget sometimes I am a mod and have superpowers now. Sorry everyone.

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Wow, I tracked it down, and I have never taken mine apart like that, and I’ve had it for like 6 months almost. I didn’t even know you could disassemble the pump like that. Yeah, that dude says that part is important, so maybe you should contact the company and see if they can send you a little sponge piece. Sorry I can’t help a bit more.

Edit point: I just took mine apart, and mine doesn’t have a sponge in there either. just a little rubber piece with a squiggly/squishable part, attached to the square peg that sticks out the very end. So I’m thinking that video is of the original model, and the design has been updated to not need that sponge piece. So you’re good to go. One less small part to lose I guess.

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Wow good to hear yours is like mine I been going crazy thinking maybe I dropped the spongy part when opening it. Also have you noticed better suction after cleaning that part?

I haven’t used mine yet. Just checked it out this afternoon. And it wasn’t dirty, at all. I thought I’d likely find some kind of ickiness after six months without cleaning it, but it was clean as a whistle. If your not getting a good seal, it is most likely happening where the bellows meets your body. I have to shave at least once ever 5 days. Hair will prevent an airtight seal.

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