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Need Pulsator Help

Need Pulsator Help

Hello everyone.

I have a GAST pump that I picked up on ebay but am tired of the constant pull. I used a breast pump for quite a while but it was really under powered - the pulsations were good, just too whimpy.

So, I read on this board a while back that some guys were using pulsators, designed for milking cows, but for creating the pulsating rythms needed for suck/release pumping.

Here’s an example of the pulsators I’m referring to:…&exact_match=on

I can pick up a pulsator for 79 bucks through this site. However, I called and asked about buying one and was asked if I needed the adaptor and if so which one. I have no idea what to ask for here and didn’t want to say what I’m really using it for. Does anyone here know how I connect the vacuum source to this, if I need the adapter, and if so which one? I was thinking that I’d just put a barbed end on it and connect it like this:

Gast pump —-> pulsator —-> regulator —-> tube

Any suggestions or alternative pulsating mechanisms that are under 100 bucks?

Does anyone have experience with the Interpuls pulsator?

What’s up boogie. I was wondering if you could enlighten me as to what exactly a Gast pump is? I’ve been pumping for quite some time, however, I’ve never heard of this. I have a feeling I’m not the only pumper out of the loop on this one, which might explain the lack of responses (of course I’m only guessing).

In any event, it sounds interesting and I would like to know more.

Ok, that’s a bogus link - Patience… not sure why it won’t post the right one - second try…

Thanks boogie, I’ve seen these pumps before. The brand name threw me off, so I thought it was something new.

I couldnt read the other link. It keeps telling me I don’t have permission to view. I don’t know why, but it’s not the first time this has happened.

I thought it was waiting for a moderator approval which would be weird since’s that’s another Thunder link. I’ll try it again

Here’s the subject for the thread I’m trying to post a link for:
A Homemade Pump. Yes a Pump, not a cylinder

Here’s another attempt at a link:

This is the actual link now… Just need to copy and paste since it’s not working properly.


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