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Need help

Need help

First I want to start off saying that I have gained a full inch, from 5 1/2 NBP to 6 1/2 NBP. YAY FOR ME! Now a while back I was pumping and was having great results, great PI’s following advocets routine. I had to get rid of my pump for private reasons and a long story. I now live in a different place, moved into a friends house, And I am afraid to order a LA pump because my roomate (who is 29) will know where it came from,, because of the packaging and it’s discreet and all of that. I was wondering if I could find someone trustworthy here at thunders that I could pay over paypal to order the pump for me and mail it to me so it seems like it is something that came from someone else. I will pay for shipping and everything, I need that pump back to switch up my routine to see further gains. If anyone could help me out I would so much appreciate it, I will pay you a little extra for the trouble!



I moved this here as it’s most likely to get a good response.

I guess the best thing would actually be for people to mention the way their stuff was packaged from LA Pump.

Why do you think this guy will assume it’s a penis pump because it’s discrete packaging? Maybe you could buy something that could have been packaged in a similar sized carton and then leave it hanging half out of the carton so that he thinks he knows what you got.

The idea of getting someone here to buy it on your behalf and send it on won’t change the shape of the packaging and is potentially a bad idea anyway.

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I bet lapdist packaging is very discreet. I think all of the vendors are discreet.

I have ordered pumping gear from two places:

— a cylinder from This came in a standard USPS Priority mail carton. The return address I think was just a bunch of initial (like APSP Enterprise — that is not the actual name, but along those lines)

— a cylinder from This came in a nice plain white shipping box. The return address did say “picturebrite” — but that is a very innocuous name. Could be photo paper, or picture frames for all your roomate knows.


As to the other stuff, I got it from “regular” tool vendors —

I purchased my pump for $18.00 from HarborFreight tools based on some advice given at thunders. The pump is excellent. This is a tool store, you may have one near you:…temnumber=92474

Shipping was slow, if you call they have other shipping options available. But as I say you may have a store nearby.

Based on a tip from gprent, I got the male connector to connect the hose to the cylinder at — again a general purpose vendor of parts tools etc — I think it was $2.75? I got it the day after I ordered it. Part number is:

Quick disconnect male fitting PN: 5012k251

I got tubing from them too — the harbor freight pump comes with tubing but it has a bad rubber smell. If I were doing it again, I would just go buy the tubing from the local hardware store. But the mcmaster part number is Clear plastic tubing PN: 53955k14 @ $0.55/ft

Discreet pack

Pump Toys sends their pump in a white box from the post office, it is marked shoe box.

The return address says PST yada yada las vegas

Otherwise go find a UPS store and open a temporary mailbox.

Hope this helps.

How do you get a temporary Mailbox from a UPS store? How does that work? If I can pick it up somewhere rather then home that would be best, anyone help me out here? I know kinda a dumb question

You can open up a mailbox from the post office right? I don’t have a UPS store around here, PO box work?

Wolfgang1965, won’t ship to a P.O. Box, that won’t work, I just checked it out man.

Just curious gone, did your length gains come from pumping?

Stretching jelquing and pumping, gains didn’t come until I pumped with the exercises, seriously pumping if done right will put on gains, do advocets routine. I just feel super nervous mailing a pump to a P.O. Box, I don’t know why though. I think I am going to order that pump from Boston pump. I just hope there good pumps for gaining permanent results like LA pumps. And I hope they ship out fast. Keep in mind though Yataghan50, when you first start pumping the temporary results are insane, after a week or 2, my package stayed over a half inch bigger in girth, and longer. When I quit they all went away, but I was only doing it for a month. If you did it for a year you would keep permanent results ESPICALLY if you did it with exercises. Check out advocets routine.

The are too expensive for the brass hand pump.

GET THE PUMP FROM HARBOR FREIGHT. BRAKE PUMP. Search the site here for links.

Why don’t you want to receive the pump in a plain white box?

Originally Posted by wolfgang1965
Found it:




If you have an automobile. then you can say you ordered the pump to service the brakes, then exclaim in exasperation that it won’t do. So then you finish up with a lugitimate pump which you put to one side. - Until he’s not looking.!

My standard remedy keeping a pump tube is put it in the bath/shower room or bedroom standing upright with an artificial flower in it. After a couple of raised eyebrowes. he’ll not bother with it.

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The LA pumps says GLASS FRAGILE on the box. My roomate would probably be like, What the hell did he order that was glass, then would probably ask about it, or open it up out or curiosity. And I just checked my email and they replied back saying they mail to P.O. Boxes hmm.. Maybe I will just go with LA pumps, But I am thinking of getting 1 of those cylinders that are bigger at the base then the top, I think there called flared? That might help even out the middle part of my package that is smaller then the base and top.


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