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Need Advice?! What Pump Brand to buy!


Just be sure to measure correctly. LA Pumps measurements are a bit on the tight side, I think.

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

SO no one likes boston pump works? I have heard very little about that. Is there anyone out there that can stand up for them. The only reason i am considering there products is because im sold on there little ruler they have built into there tubes. Ya i know im a loser for thinking that but i think its sorta cool looking. But still I know that does not mean its a quality tube.

I hear alot of bad things about Dr. Joel Kapplans Tube,
the only companies i have been hearing good about are LA Pump and Vaccutech.

what about or Boston pumps, does anyone else have experience with these? thanks in advance.

Sorry for being annoying and asking such a newbie question, but if i get a tube i want it to be the best so i can have the best experience that pumping has to offer.

Originally Posted by ziggaman
How much do they cost RWG?

I bought the LA pump at an upscale adult shop in Seattle (2nd one as I fucked the first one up), it was $70 if I remember correctly and I ordered the Vacutech tube from vacutech directly, think it was around 68 bucks or so… I tried a couple of tubes and Vacutech is by far the best IMO..

If you want the best pump made, it’s the brass pump with gauge from LA Dist. All other pumps I have seen are plastic. My LA brass pump is well over 3 years old and still works like new. Their cylinders are good to, constant diameter, thick walled and flared ring at the bottom.

Anyone know if there’s a non-penis pump use for the male coupler? I just spent $13! on one at the Crypt here in Seattle, almost double the online price. I’d like to find a cheaper, non-online source at some store around here. The dude at the Crypt said “they’re expensive because they’re custom made.” I doubt there isn’t some other use for them besides dick fattening.


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