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Need a Coupler--suggestions

Need a Coupler--suggestions

Decided to go with getting a pump. Have been shopping around for prices of things.
I don’t intend to go the traditional cheap route of buying a gravel filter for a fish tank, but I have found that I can save quite a bit of money by simply buying a quality pump (with a gauge on it, of course—and don’t forget the tubing!) and getting cylinders by themselves.
In fact, the pump looks to be used by a lot of the big name guys, albeit the obnoxious price markup.

Looking back on several older threads (by older, I mean years back), I’ve noticed many others have bought the same pump (and said the quality was good).
This is the pump & tubing:…mkit-69328.html

As for cylinders, I’m going to use the Jim Diamond ones, which seem to be pretty popular around this site:…ult/?q=cylinder

I’d imagine the JD cylinders are pretty standard at the valve part.
What I need—or at least I believe I’ll need—is a coupler to link tubing from the pump to the valve.

I did find while searching old threads a coupler that was said to be exactly what one would need, but the product number for that site is no longer in existence. :(
I’m not exactly familiar with things, but I believe the proper term for what I am looking for is a “male quick disconnect coupler.”
I’ve found an image of exactly what I believe I am looking for (attached).
I could buy that one, but it’s $8.50 online, nor does the site list the measurements.. And then shipping?!

Hopefully, someone has a good idea at knowing what measurements I’m looking for on the coupler, along with a proper name, model, and/product number.
McMaster sells a ton of different things, but I seem to be unable to find the one I would need. :/

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This is the part you need:

McMaster-Carr - pn# 5012K71 (barbed plug)
Actetal Quick-Disconnect Coupling, Plug, 1/4 Coupling, for 1/4” Tube ID, without Valve - $1.17 Each

Ah, that looks to be the missing link I needed. :)


You bet, glad to help.

So, I got everything here earlier last week (haven’t had a chance to log in—been away) and the connector doesn’t fit. :/

The part for the tube to the pump fitted, but the part to connect to the cylinder is too large.
It appears that I need one with a smaller coupling measurement, right (just making sure I order the right new size lol)?

So, PN # 5012K71 ?
Acetal Quick-Disconnect Coupling Plug, 1/8 Cplg, for 1/4” Tube ID, w/o Valve

You need to measure the inside diameter of the coupler on your cylinder. My LAPump coupler is 5/16 id which mates with the McMaster 5/16” od coupler: part no 51545k68 for 1/4” id tubing or 51545k67 for 1/8” tubing.

Part no 5012k71 has an outside diameter of 7/16” which requires a cylinder Id of 7/16..

Start 11/09 BPEL: 5.5", EG: 4.4"

Current. BPEL: 6:4", EG: 5.5"

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