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My Thoughts on the Bathmate After 2 Years.

I would like to know what’s the exact lenght and the base of the bathmate x30. In inches please.

You do know Bathmate has a website chock full of info about the different sizes. If you’re under 5.5 inches around, go with the Hercules or X30. If you are over 8” in length, you will need to go for a bigger one as well. Max girth for X30 and Herc is 5.5 inches around, max length is 8”.

Originally Posted by big cock
Well I’m looking to buy my bathmate x30. Is it a good buy to start off with.

I have both X30 and Hercules. I absolutely hate the X30. The Hercules has a better seal, you can walk around without worrying about leaking. The X30 gaiter is stiffer and has a stupid comfort ring that mostly everyone has to remove to get a seal. Due to the gaiter design you can get more length into the X30, probably 8.25 or even 8.5 if you can get it to seal with the comfort ring. I’m 7.8 and lean, and come within 1/4 inch from the end of the Hercules, but that’s a high pressures which I don’t use anymore. That’s BPEL for a lean guy.

If you don’t have a curve you’ll be good with these models until 5.75 girth easily. I have a slight left curve, and going in fully erect means there’s some pressure against the side of the tube, which leads to edema if you pump too hard or too long.

But beware of the X40 and Goliath, the large circumference leads to other issues, ball sucking, bad seals, etc. Also the Goliath is silly big.

7.8" BPEL x 5.25" EG

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I would just say that at 5.5” girth, the Hercules became too small for me, leaving me with gnarly red rings around the base of my penis. I have moved up to the X40. And all that about ball sucking and difficulty getting a good seal seem to be true. The valve is also different, and must be opened when you pump water out, and then manually closed at the bottom of the pump action, manually, every time.

Have you tried the goliath.. it’s easy to use?!

Starting size: 7.48" X 5.51" Currently: 10.1" X 6.4"

Heat is the key!

The problem is, you can’t really just “try” these things. If you buy the wrong size, you may be stuck with an expensive piece of plastic. And as close in size as the X40 and Goliath are, I really can’t see myself buying another pump.


Starting size: 7.48" X 5.51" Currently: 10.1" X 6.4"

Heat is the key!

I get red rings at my base also. My BSEG is 14.5 cm right now.

Also I get close to 8 mark on sticker but I’m only 16.5cm BPEL. Weird.

I’m thinking about buying air pump or maybe x40 but like you wrote…its expensive piece of plastic…

I bought this a few months back and used it off and on mostly because the girlfriend was over here so much and we were constantly having sex. I used it a few times before I would pick her up and lets just say she had a great time. Long story short, she got too hooked and I had to walk away.

So now this is more time to work on ME.. And my favorite part of me. Back on the BM pretty good now for two weeks and notice a nice difference at the end of week two. Going to start incorporating jelqs and more stretches in a lot more regularly then I have been but I like the BM. Just keep it clean and it treats me right so far, a cheap bottle brush goes a long way to clean this thing up easily.

If following the instructions on BM website I get red spots and donut both of which I believe are from using too much pressure. Now that I’ve had it a while I’ve learned to back off the pressure a bit. I’ll still often get red spots but swelling won’t be so bad as to cause donut. Also I get the marks at the base from the gator compressing but these go away pretty quick and I believe that’s just to be expected. I don’t want to go with a larger BM as according to the recommended BM size based on penis measurements I have the correct size of BM.

If you keep yourself trimmed it suctions pretty good and I can just let it hang while in the shower, no need for a strap. I do use a shoestring looped around my neck and the tip of the BM though if I’m going for a low pressure long duration pump.

I’m not sure why anyone would use lube in the BM, though I read here that some do and I’m curious why?

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Originally Posted by joxra
Here is a little information on the BM that fits >>>

Thanks for the link. I’m needing to upgrade in size since the Hercules I ordered a few months ago is now too small and cuts the circulation.

I’m about to buy a bathmate with all the positive reviews I’m reading.

But I still have a doubt about the model I should buy. I’ll choose between the Goliath and X40. X40 seems better at their website, but it seems like not everyone are getting a good seal, and having to turn on and off the valve may be annoying. Goliath look a little too big for me. I don’t want to be over 8 inches, and I am afraid to increase too much on girth and my GF starts to avoid sex.

But here in Brazil, Goliath is a lot cheaper then the X40 (about US$70.00 cheaper). And the Goliath version comes with a bundle (with lube, strap, towel.).

Is the X40 worth its pricey price tag?

Length inside the Bath-mate

How much bigger does your penis get when fully pumped while inside the Bath-mate? For example, I’m 7 in BPEL and 4.5 EG, so how long would my fully pumped penis be inside the cylinder?

The reason I ask is because their site recommends the X40 based on my length. From what I’ve read about water pumping, you get a better pump when the cylinder is closer to your erect size. And as far as girth goes, the x40 would be ridiculously wide for me.

I’d like to buy the X30, but if I do gain some length, I don’t want to hit the end of the cylinder. They say the “max growth” for the X30 is 8.5 in on this chart…ies/size-guide/. So, what is the max BPEL that could still fit in the Bath-mate when fully pumped?

I would encourage you to go with the X30. I am about 7.25 BPEL, and still have plenty of space before maxing out on the x30.

I also have the hercules AND the penomet, which is much larger. When you are standing in the shower, when the device is larger than it needs to be, it is heavier and can lose suction more easily. So there is this advantage to not getting a model that is larger than necessary. This is a disadvantage for me with the Penomet, it is way larger than it needs to be for me.

Also, by the way, I believe that the hercules model at a lower price is a much better value than the X30, and I have both. The Hercules model actually works better and easier for me because it is simpler, and the modifications on the X30 don’t really improve function all that much, in my opinion.

On thing is, you don’t necessarily want to go for higher pressure than already available on the Hercules model. I have the X30 model that comes with the pump attachment, and I don’t use the pump as I have realized that more time is better than more pressure.

7.6 x 5.4 (goal by April 1, 2016)


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