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My Thoughts on the Bathmate After 2 Years.

I’ve had my Hydromax for about 2 1/2 weeks and I’m definitely a fan. I bought it on impulse and had almost instant buyer’s remorse afterward (I’d been reading about them on the forums here and then just happened to pass a shop advertising them). So I felt like an idiot at first, but using it almost daily now, I’m totally sold.

I’ve been mainly working on girth for the past 18 months and was looking for a gentle way (gentler than jelqing and clamping, at any rate) to maintain those gains while I switched my focus to length. So far, the temporary results are better than expected, and now I’m hopeful that I may even gain in girth while stretching for length. We’ll see whether I get any long term results from this, but I’m pleased with the immediate effect compared to manual exercises; the biggest plus being that I’m getting zero donutting and discoloration. At the same time, temporary expansion is really impressive. Who knows if any of this will result in permanent gains, but I can at least say that the short term is satisfying.

I’m also a fan so far… very good quality pump. I just got a goliath and started a couple days ago. I have no idea whether this will be permanent for me.

My plan right now is daily pumping at fairly low pressure for about 20 minutes. I just did a session and got just over 0.25” of girth increase, which is a fair amount for me.

Vincent… did you do anything outside of pumping when you gained from using the bathmate, or just straight pumping sessions? I can’t believe you completely fill the tube of the goliath btw… that’s crazy.

I’ve really lost a lot of drive to do hardcore PE, so I’m hoping the pumping alone will work for me.


I don’t find this has many drawbacks. I don’t use it in the shower and don’t have any real issues with leaking or whatever. Very little air gets in so I just have to give it an extra pump every minute or so. It is a bit hard on the balls (trying to get sucked in), but that’s about it.

Mick, I’m glad you like it so far. I don’t use it in the shower either. I just sit on my couch with a towel in front of me. I had a lot of problems with ball discomfort in the beginning and figured it was because my sack wasn’t lose enough. Now when I put it on, my sack doesn’t even need to be all the way lose, and I don’t feel discomfort. Whether it’s because I’ve gotten better at positioning it or because my body has gotten more use to it, I don’t know.

I usually pump for 45 minutes at a time now. Every once in a while, I’ll go to an hour. When I first started pumping that long, my flaccid looked real funky afterwards, but now it doesn’t. When I go over 45 minutes, sometimes I’ll get a water blister or two, but other than that, I’ve had no negative effects.

I’m doing about 25 minute sessions. I’m up to getting over 0.5” of girth increase post-workout, however a decent amount of that is lymph for sure.

Anyone with solid gains so far?

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I’m considering really a lot about getting a bathmate too, one question has arised though, what level of erection should we have when pumping?

Originally Posted by megalomax

Anyone with solid gains so far?

I got a Hercules model back in 2011, and in the first year I gained 1/2 inch in girth that I will state confidently is a permanent increase. No real gains since, but just last week a purchased an X40, and I’ll see where that takes me.

I think my pump may have broke… I’m not sure. Now when I pump most times I get no suction. Every once in a while it seems to catch though and works, then the next pump all the air releases. I found out how to fix it by keeping my finger on the little black knob on the end after pumping, but before releasing the pump. Should I have to be doing this? I didn’t have to do it before.

Also, this is really fucking annoying but for some reason I’m getting red dots now whenever I pump for no explainable reason. I started out pumping and wasn’t getting any, and now I’m getting them at a lesser pressure. I don’t want to get more discolouration but I also don’t wanna stop pumping.

Originally Posted by Mick
Should I have to be doing this?

I would say no.

I’m getting similar issues; and as in your case, it’s happening only sporadically. However, when it does happen, it’s always when I’m pumping out of the bath. That is to say, it never happens when I’m doing it fully submerged.

Do you guys know you can put the edge of a penny in the little notch on the side of the valve cap and pop the cap loose by twisting the penny? Then you should be able to clean all the valve parts. That may get it working right again.

Originally Posted by Ferservadu2
I would say no.

I’m getting similar issues; and as in your case, it’s happening only sporadically. However, when it does happen, it’s always when I’m pumping out of the bath. That is to say, it never happens when I’m doing it fully submerged.

Hmm ok interesting. I was really pissed off that I was gonna have to send it back, but since I can still get suction by plugging the tip I’m not too annoyed. Hopefully nothing else goes wrong.

Thanks raybbaby… I don’t think it should be dirty yet though I’ve only been using it a few weeks. May try that later on though.

I haven’t had that problem. I use it pretty often, always on my couch. My suction is always just fine. Sounds like yours is broken.

I have had a small gain in girth that stays after a few days of no pumping. I seem to have hit a roadblock as far as length during pumping. I can’t get past the 150 mm mark.

Try to search on YouTube instructions how to check if your valve is broken.

Also there is good instruction how to clean it.

For me it did help.

Sometimes happen not to keep pressure. I do exactly step by step like in instruction and it dies work.

Cold water works different then warm for dick and for pump.


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