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My routine

My routine

Ok so i have been pumping now for about 7 weeks and i’m really enjoying it, ive worked my way up to a morning set of 20 minutes in the tube followed by 10 minutes in the tube and then an evening set of 20 minutes in the tube followed by 10 minutes in the tube, so thats 1 hour spent pumping in total. Ive found that i can pack the tube well after about 15 minutes spent in the tube however i believe that most of the girth i am getting from this is due to lympth fluid build up rather than anything benifical so i’m thinking about reducing my time in the tube to 2 10 minute sets in the morning and 2 10 minute sets in the evening with a 5 minute jelq session in between and after each set, at the moment i’m not jelquing much as i can only spare roughly 30 minutes in the morning an evening. I was just wondering what peoples views were on this, does it sound like a good routine?

10 mins pumping
5 mins jelquing
10 mins pumping
5 mins jelqing

Repeated in the evening with a few stretches thrown when i get a chance throughout the day.

Also im thinking of going with a 1 on 1 off routine or 2 on 1 off routine as ive tried hammering my dick 5 or 6 days a week before and it has never really seemed to work out for me,



sounds good

Doesn’t sound so good.

An hour in the tube will give you lymph build-up to some degree. That may look good coming out of the tube but it isn’t going to add anything to your gains.

Cut back in timing, like you suggested to yourself, to no more than 10 min pumps. You can cut back further by doing 6 min pumps, but more of them if you want.

Pumping is not supposed to be about beating yourself up. :)

I like 5 days on, 2 off, but you need to find your own best pace.



Thanks for the replies, i’ve never spent more than 20 minutes in the tube at a time an hour was just my total time for the whole day when my sets were added up. I think shorter sets is a good idea though and i reckon 10 minutes at a time could be the magic number, cheers,



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