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My Routine...

My Routine...

I would appreciate comments on my routine. I have only been doing it for 3 weeks, but I figure the more input I have at early stages, the better.

1. 5 minute Warm up with wet towel/rice sock/heating pad
2. watch porn on my computer for a couple minutes while I get an erection
3. lube up penis and enter the tube hard
4a. pump up to 3 inches of mercury for 10 minutes
4b. upon first entering tube, do 30 or so kegels
4c. wrap heating pad around tube every couple minutes to keep penis warm
5. after 10 minutes, take a 5 minute “break”, where I do 2-handed wet JELQs
6. go into tube again for 10 more minutes, this time for 4 inches of mercury
7. sometimes I am rapidly letting pressure out and re-pumping my cock up to
5 inches of mercury, just to really fill it up for the last 1-2 minutes. I cycle this
about 20 times in a 90 second period before ending the pump session
8. pull tube off bloated organ, and do 2-handed wet JELQs for 2-5 minutes, then
a light massage with Vaseline aloe vera. Use heating pad for a couple minutes
9. clean up and imagine having a huge cock

Routine notes:
- I am doing it almost every day. so far, in three weeks I have had 2 days off
- In total, TIT-time (time in tube) is 20 minutes per day
- Pressure is never greater than 5 inches of Mercury, usually 3-4 iom
- Only one day have I had a slight donut (don’t know why)
- my cock seems to hang flacid more fully. I haven’t noticed any change in its size when pumped in the tube. (I made a mark on the tube at its most erect length from 3 weeks ago)
- the midshaft of my organ has gotten much darker already… don’t like that much but figure there is nothing I can do

Ok, I appreciate any comments or suggestions. I am new to this, and want to make sure this is making sense. One thing that is a special concern in the JELQing in between sets (#7 on my list). Would I be better off lightly massagin my cock to give it a real break? I like the JELQing because with all the blood/lymph fluid pumped into my cock, I get a really bloated cock when I grab it by the base and slowly squeeze from base to top with my other hand. I mean it gets really veiny and the head gets huge. I can’t help but think I am “staking out” future gains like this, but maybe a pumped cock is a bad one to JELQ with?

Commander Blop

PS: I have some “in tube” pics at Commander Blop… the best pics are in post #10.

Before I start, I am in no way a vet at this and often seek advice myself. However, I have learned a few things along the way. First, I think your pumping time is very good. Its also very good that you jelq between sets. I think, however, that you may get better results if you start off jelqing before your first set of pumping. This should get the blood flowing good. I would do jelq, pump, jelq, pump, jelq. I say 12 to 15 minutes of jelqing would be good. Some people pump 7 days a week, but I prefer 5 or 6 days a week to give your dick some rest. Also, I think you have the wrong idea about lymph fluid. I noticed you mention something about your dick filling with lymph fluid like its a good thing. Lymph fluid is the enemy and should be avoided at all costs. It could hinder gains. Not sure it would help cycling pressure up and down rapidly. You should check this thread out if you like the pressure cycling theory: Cycling pressure up and down…work those ligs baby!!!

Other than that, it looks good. Hope this helped out some. Good gains to you in the future.

Trying to live up to my username! 6/9/04 BPEL: 6.25 EG: 4.75 2/28/05 BPEL: 6.5 EG: 4.75 4/17/05 BPEL: 6.625 EG: 4.875

In this, the 4th week of my pumping regimen, I have made an adjustment to my routine.

I am now doing 3 sets of 8 minutes, with Jelqing anywhere from 4 minutes to 8 minutes in between (and SOMEtimes after). I find by doing only 8 minutes per set, I can more readily get an erection when I come out of the tube, which (I think) is good for Jelqing. I am doing the 2-handed Wet Jelq Squeezes (I am aiming for girth) and if I come out of the tube with a completely wet noodle it seems useless to me. Maybe I am wrong, but I like jelqing with an erection, especially when it is extra-filled due to pumping. Also, the “in-between” is variable (from 4-8 minutes) because I like to re-enter with an erection, and it is variable when my penis gets turgid enough to re-enter the tube. I try to Jelq as much as I can between sets, but if I start getting too soft I masturbate to regain an erection.

I am also spending more time with the rice-sock before and AFTER my sessions, which I have definitely seen have an impact on the purple spots. Any that I get during a session are gone very shortly into the day. I still have discoloration midshaft (slight brown tinge on top), but my understanding from reading is this (often) can’t be avoided.

I just wanted to update my routine here for people that read this stuff in the archives. (I have read many routines from many months or even years ago over the past few weeks.) I do no believe I have seen any major results so far in “real life” (out of the tube), although while in the tube I do think my penis often “reaches further”. (I made a mark on the tube on day one and while pumped at certain times I am surpassing that mark.) It is nothing major, and might be due to going as high as 5iom now (for the final set), but it is still encouraging. I do notice my flacid penis is bigger and spongier overall, but it does not stay pumped nearly as much as it did the first two weeks. I think maybe the extra excitement about making my cock big meant stronger erections in the tube and possibly contributed to extra and lasting pump. At four weeks, the routine has lost its novelty and is more like “work”. That said, I will keep plugging away and see what happens…

Commander Blop
PS: In terms of keeping good erections in the tube, I am now a proponent for “milking the tube” as described by many in this forum…

Commander Blop,

Discoloration can and should be avoided (my opinion). Condom pumping or water pumping at the same vacuum you are using will prevent that and lymph migration.


Hi, Commander;

The only things I would add to your routine are:

Take a couple minutes after your warm wrap to do some manual, flaccid stretches, in all directions. These loosen up the ligs and maybe the tunica, too, for what’s to follow.

“At four weeks, the routine has lost its novelty and is more like “work”. That said, I will keep plugging away and see what happens…”

Just a suggestion: I think it’s a good thing for the penis to have a day off at least once a week; two is good. Refresing for our minds, too, so that this work does not become so hum-drum. After a break of a day or two, you go back to it with more enthusiasm.



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