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My Pumping Regimen

My Pumping Regimen

Standard pump w/gauge (got it with a Colt cylinder pump combo)
3 1/2 inch Colt cylinder for cock and balls.
2” heavy walled Boston Pump cylinder (cock only)
Water Based Jelly lubricant
Heating pad
Beverage warmer

First let me say I have been pumping for nine months and the reason I started was because of a loss of sensitivity. It fixed that and then I also enjoy the side effect of enlargement as well.

I pump every other day religiously. Never exceeding about 5 1/2 inch hg on the dial. Usually 50-60 minutes total time inside the cylinders, occasionally going for marathon session as shock training.

The night before I set everything up. I have a timer plugged into the wall that turns on at 6:00 A.M., I have the beverage warmer and heating pad plugged into it. I set the beverage warmer to low heat and set the tube of jelly lubricate on top of it (if the you buy the Equate wal-mart brand it is designed to stand up on it’s cap as it is flat). I wrap my 3 1/2 inch cylinder in the heating pad and set it to medium heat.

So by the time my alarm goes off at 6:15 a.m., everything is nice and warm. I will take some of my nice warm lubricant and coat my dick good.

I start out doing about 50 jelques to warm up. Then I take the nice warm 3 1/2” cylinder and start pumping it up slowly while I am waiting for my shower water to warm up. I start with the 3 1/2” cylinder and set the pressure to 4 1/2 inch hg on the dial then I turn my watch timer on. I now wrap my 2” heavy walled cylinder in the heating pad and let it start cooking. Then I get in the shower. It takes me about twenty minutes to shower and shave.

So now it is time to remove my 3 1/2” cylinder 20 minutes have now passed. I then do about 50 more jelques. By now my 2” cylinder is nice and warm. I put my dick in there and pump to 5” inch hg and do about 100 kegels. I leave that tube on for 15 minutes maintains constant pressure. Then I take it off do 50 more jelques. Then I put the 2 incher back on again and pump to 5 1/2” HG and do 100 more kegels. Then I repeat this step on more time. I get great expansion. By now it is time to go off to work for the day.


So how much have you gained in 9 months of pumping?

I’m fairly new to pumping (2 weeks) and I’m curious because your routine sounds effective.

Started 4/20/08 BPEL 7.0 EG 5.5

Current 9/08 7 3/8 BPEL X 5.75 MSEG

Aiming for a more realistic goal - 8 NBPEL 6.5 MSEG


To be honest I cannot tell you how much I have gained, because I have not measured since I started.

I am waiting until I hit the one year mark. But what I can say is I can tell it is bigger by how much tighter it is when I have sex with my wife.

And she has commented that it is quite a bit bigger in girth don’t know about length. Sorry for the lack of a more definitive answer. I am sort of one of these people that if I measured all the time I might get discourage so I would rather wait and see what happens on more of a long term.



Also another reason why I haven’t measured (not that I am not curious) is the reason I started pumping was to restore some sensitivity that I had lost.
But I am now hooked on pumping for life if anything for the penile health benefits pumping affords (as long as you don’t over do it)


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