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My pumping experience

My pumping experience

I am a newbie in pumping matters, having practiced PE in a somewhat consistent manner for 3 months now.

In my picture thread, I said that my initial measurements were 6 x 5 BPEL, but I measured wrongly and I was really more like a 5.75 x 4.75 BPEL.

Having incorporated serious pumping to my routine for 2 weeks now, here are some personal observations:

- I am using a 2 x 9 inches cylinder, with a gauged pump.

- I am using the pump after doing the newbie routine, so, when the time comes, it´s hard for me to get an erection. (I know, this is a negative PI)

- It´s hard for me to stay fully erect inside the pump for 10 - 15 minutes, which is how long I pump, once a day.

- Having gone back to the gym, I feel that erections are easier to get. I intend to train cardio for endurance in bed, since my erection starts to lose power once I start doing very fast and hard movements during sex and I have to slow down to catch my breath.

- I don´t feel too much of a “pump” when using a 5mmHg pressure.

- It´s cold where I live, so my balls tend to be close to my body and I felt a very uncomfortable sensation, as if the vases that go from the testes to the penis were being compressed. I´m having a hard time with this part, so I´m going to try something to make my balls hang more when I pump.

Today, I tried going a little bit further, reaching 9mmHg for 1 minute and then going back to 6, 7 mmHg for the remainder of the session. I never saw my penis as big as I´ve seen it today, so I marked the cylinder and measured it, having reached approximately 6.8 inches. It was an incredible feeling, and since I´m still a newbie, it makes me wonder if I can, with consistence, reach 7.5 NBPEL, since I am losing weight and have a fat pad that measures approximately 2 inches.

When I took my unit out of the pump, the glans felt a bit desensitized, but my whole unit was noticeably lengthier and girthier. I also saw that I developed a little bruise on the upper part of the base of my shaft, maybe because it rubbed inside the cylinder, even though I don´t pack the cylinder yet. I guess I will use some arnica cream on it and lay down the pump for this week at least, to see how it heals.

Pumping vets, if you have any suggestion or observation, please do it :)

Thank you.

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9 mmHG is probably too much. I think about 4-5 is adviced.

I had a few thoughts. I wouldn’t pump at such a high pressure. I’ve done it before and it feels great to notch a new personal length record but it hurts your dick and busts little blood vessels and cause EQ problems and turtling. After ignoring pumping vets advice for a year pumping at high pressure I finally decided to keep it around 4 for about 20 minutes with a heating pad around the tube. Its working great. EQ stays high, dick looks healthy and I think I’m finally getting girth gains. I also do a 10 minute set of clamping right after I pump for 20 minutes with the heat pad. I know it seems like you aren’t doing anything at lower pressure but believe me you are. At 4 my dick is not at my BPEL nor fully hard, I would imagine, but you get great expansion. I would stick with stretching for length gains anyway even though I think you will get some with pumping anyway. I wish I just listened to the pumping vets from the start rather than think I know best and go straight for the personal length records in the pump.

Thank you for the advice, marinera and e211 !

Some time I ago I read pumpbra´s thread about his long pumping sessions using low pressure and that got me wondering if I should pursue a routine close to his. Of course, I won´t do a 3 hour pumping session tomorrow, nor for the next 2 or 3 months, but it is something that I wish to do as soon as my dick is conditioned to do it.

Massive pressure = only expert pumper.

>>> You need low pressure. Max of 5hg. <<<

Don´t try to copy me. Try to do what you think is the best for you. Know yourself and run for result.

“I don´t feel too much of a “pump” when using a 5mmHg pressure.” Ok, It´s NORMAL!

My experience is to you have a base of what you can do in long time.

Sory my inglsh.

See my MP.

Thank you for your advice, Pumpbra !

I pumped for 20 minutes today, but I´m having a weird problem which I´ll explain.

When I take a look at the underside of my unit, I see that my turkey neck is pulled inside the tube, expanding it and compressing my balls, even though I pull them down when I insert my dick into the tube. The worse part is that I feel the tube compressing something that, I would say, is the vein or vase that connects to the epydidimus, making me feel some pain after 12 minutes or so, and more pain when I finally get out of the tube. I´m pumping at 4-5 inHg.

Anybody has/ had this problem or has a solution ? :)

Are you using the correct size tube?

Usually this occurs when you are using a larger tube than you really need today.

Well, my EG now is 4.75 inches and the tube is 1.75 in in diameter, so I think the tube size is OK.

Last night I pumped and had some problems because my turkey neck was pulled inside the tube, even when I pulled down my balls, and I only felt it at the end of the session. Had a bit of lymph buildup on the turkey neck, which only went away this morning, and since I don´t want to have even more turkey neck, I´ll have to be extra careful now.

We have a lot in common. Same dimension and same approach (first period newbies routine, then pump - 1,75x9).

I have only 2 months of pumping experience, but I understand this: if after pumping you can get a decent erection (fast and strong) then you are doing well. If it is spongy or weak, then you are overpumping. It’s simple.

Keep us informed and don’t overdo it. (By the way, if you want to get 9 HG, it should be only for few seconds, not a minute…).

Originally Posted by marinera
9 mmHG is probably too much. I think about 4-5 is adviced.

Huh, are people mistakenly interchanging mm and inches here? Very different measurements those!

Yes, it is often said not to pump more than 4 to 5 inch Hg! And yet this advice is still so frequently disregarded and ignored. It is great advice, not only for safety but also for efficiency, and therefore it can not be repeated often enough.

No, "mch" does not stand for "my cock's huger!"

... although it may do in the foreseeable future! :D

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