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my pump broke, a piece needs replacing HELP

my pump broke, a piece needs replacing HELP

I just bought a pump a couple days ago, and it is a “travel” pump, so it was made to take up little space. It telescopes out in to two tubes, so the bottom tube is slightly wider than the top tube. It came with 3 parts, the tube, the pump and the last is a latex type seal that goes around the base(dont know what its called help me out if you could), and your dick goes through it.

Now to the problem, I’ve had it for about 3 days and absoultly loved it, but the stretchy latex seal that it came with ripped, and the pump is useless without it, my balls are getting sucked in.

If anyone knows what the latex piece is called or knows where I can get another one, or knows a good substitute please let me know

You could try using an piece of bike inner tube for the tire.

tps, I bought it at a sex shop. It was the first time I ever went in one and its an interesting place to say the least, they has original John Holmes porns for $60!! I had no idea!……anyway, yes I threw the box away and it didnt have instructions either

philadelph, I just may try that, it’s better than anything I’ve thought of.

I’ve read plenty of threads on here before buying it, and never even heard of that rubbery latex seal before it came with mine. It atcually really helped, I cant believe they all dont come with it.

thanks Ike. I didnt remember seeing any, but like I said it was my first time and I didnt even know what it was when it came with it.

Like many inexpensive sex toys, the manufacturer is probably in China or some other place where replacement parts just can’t be gotten. If it’s this one then it’s cheap enough that you can just go get another one and be more careful about using it. In a Google search for “telescoping travel pump” I found sites where you can buy it online for $18-20. Hope you didn’t pay more.

Oh, and let’s not forget: you get what you pay for.

westla, yes that was the one I bought and I paid $30 for it. I really like it, it works good. Only bad thing is that when I pump my dick to the max the head of it juuuuust barley touches the end. I never thought my dick was big, but apparently its bigger than most who they’re trying to market to….I guess it would make sense if it were made in China. lol

also, thanks Ike for telling me that sex shops sold replacements. I bought a replacement today, and even though it’s not as good as the original one it came with I can finally get back to pumping. Thanks!

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