My first pumping experience

I ordered the Harbor Freight brake bleeder kit and paired it up with an Algarde gravel cleaner. I thought the cylinder was 1.75 inside diameter but I read the description wrong. It turned out to be 1.58 inside and 1.75 outside. According to the “Selecting Your Cylinder” thread, I should be using a 1.75 cyclinder. I have a tree trunk going on. I’m just under 5” erect girth at the base and about 4.5 the rest of the way.

The Algarde cylinder has three good characteristics:

1. Inexpensive- $4.62 ($15.00 total, shipped from England to Florida.)

2. Has a ring on the base so there is no sharp plastic.

3. It connects directly to the Harbor Freight pump. All I did was use one length of hose that came with the pump. It fits directly into the top of the cylinder with no modifications needed. It’s a very tight fit(which is good). No vacuum leakage at all. There is a screen under the top lid which should be removed. It’s as simple as popping the top off and pulling it out with your fingers.

I used it for the first time the other night. I have to say, it felt amazing. Nothing in PE compares to this. I stayed in the cylinder for 5 minutes and did not exceed 2HG. I packed the first 1.75” from the base up but the rest of my penis did not contact the cylinder wall.

I plan on pumping 3 days on and 1 day off. One session per day. Staying in the tube for 5 minutes per set and only going to 2HG will hopefully acclimate me to pumping. I’ll up the time to 10 minutes per set eventually but I’ll stay at the 2 HG level and see how far that will take me.

So, question for you pumping vets. I want to go for length. Would this cylinder be okay to use for a while? Upon removal, my base has a ring on it from the cylinder. It’s not painful and fades with a little message.

I already ordered some 1.75” inside diameter tube to make another cylinder.

Algarde also makes a 2”inside diameter cylinder. Here is the link to where I got it:…asp#product1012

I’m definitely hooked on pumping :)