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my first pump


thunder ss

no i did not just pop the lens off and turn the needle tried that it just came right back. i took the lens off then took the plastic off that covers the back and sides off the gauge after you do that you find out just how the thing works pump it a few times you will see some moving gears watch which way they go when pumped and when the pressure is released. when you find out which way your gears move when air is released you just pop this little thing that holds the gears together off then turn the gear back so that it starts at zero. If yall really want to do it just take that sucker about dont worry its not that easy to break as you would think unless your just an complete IDIOT!


well thunders not going to do it, it seems hes an idiot LOL!

but the rest of you guys should at least take the thing apart and give it a try!


Gauge Repairs

Originally posted by Jelq4Life
well thunders not going to do it, it seems hes an idiot LOL!
but the rest of you guys should at least take the thing apart and give it a try!

Hi There J4 !

Yep! I think you are very brave to get down to it !
But I can see Thunder’s point too. If you inadvertently smash your gauge, then you are out of commission (and pocket!), until you get another.
I think your U.S. made gauge is probably better quality than mine. But, Like I said, I think you need either a very steady hand, or good watchmaking skills !
Great that you succeeded though, so you’ll now set new standards in accuracy of reporting !

ALSO as I think I said earlier, for most of us, it probably does not matter what the absolute readings actually are. My gauge was such a cheap horror, that I had to send the first one back as it just didn’t work; the replacement is not much better, BUT it does give me the all important indication of where the pumping pressure os going, so that you don’t overdo it and get the dreaded blisters. I did, though relatively mild; so I got into this units thing because I genuinely did not understand as a newbie, exactly what pressures I could use safely. I’m still not sure that I do now ! So I just rely on the green and orange coloured parts of the dial, and watch carefully as the needle drops, so that I can give another pump to bring the pressure back again after the inevitable leakage !

OK: Good for you. Thanks for your kind comments, help, and your patience in bearing with this thread.

Take Care, and happy pumping J4 !




why is it that you cant order a mity vac? will they not ship to the u.k.? also how long have you been pumping and what are your gains?


Hey J4L,

So you think your gauage is more accurate now that you have moved the needle back to the stop? I think it is probably less accurate now than before. These gauges are low dollar items made for automotive work and in some instances, they are probably not of a high enoungh quality for even automotive work. They also probably have a built in tolerance of an inch or so, plus or minus. That is before you go removing the case and changing the position of the needle. These things are not made to measure extremely low vacuums such as 1 hg just as most tire gauges will not register 1 PSI.

But as Modest said, when pumping, an absolute vacuum reading is not really necessary. It is relative to your situation, if you pump up to 5 hg on your gauge and it causes no discomfort or damage, then 5 hg is a good place for you to start. Then using the same gauge, you can experiment further. You don’t need to know whether your gauge is calibrated or not. Another point is, most of the guys using their equipment and reporting results at a certain level of vacuum are probably (willing to bet money here) NOT using calibrated gauges either.

So, yes, I’ll stay an idiot with a gauge that still works, because having one that returns to the needle stop is just not necessary for what you are using it for.

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Re: modest

Originally posted by Jelq4Life
why is it that you cant order a mity vac? will they not ship to the u.k.? also how long have you been pumping and what are your gains?

Hi There J4L !

There seems to be an “export/import” problem !
I guess September 11 did nothing to improve transatlantic shipping, either, as I’ve had several packages stopped, opemed, and I’ve had to pay excessive tax & duty to retrieve them. I’m not personally concerned about the “embarassment” factor, though my b/f has certain views about the whole business of pumping or PE activities, so like others who must abide by their wife’s views, I have to have some respect for my partner (of 31 years!). It’s just that I don’t want to tangle with British (Her Majesty’s) Customs any more than I really need !

Having said that, I emailed Mity Vac following up Thunder’s lead.
They emailed me back some UK distributor’s email and an address, but I emailed them over a week ago, but so far no response. I guess they’re too busy watching the World Cup Footie !
If I hear nothing, I’ll write them via snailmail, and see if I get any response, or get bck to the U.S. MityVac, and see if they’ll take pity on a poor deprived old man !

All Best


Pumping Gains for J4L

Hello again J4L !

Sorry, I forgot the “gains” bit !

Well, it’s only about a month since i really got started.
You will possibly have read in my other posts, that I’m recently diagnosed diabetic.

Many years ago, when I was young, I had close to 8” when hard. Over the years, I seem to have lost a good bit of that, but it was no real bother, as what’s left is still adequate for most jobs !

It comes down to the old “pride of possessiion” thing, which used to be much more important to me then, than it really is now. Still, no-one really wants to lose anything good that one once had, I guess !

My routine now, is to try to mitigate the effects of the diabetes.
I suddenly realized that I was not getting any nocturnal erections, or morning wood, and that made me think.

It seems to me that if diabetes has the effect of stopping blood circulation (generallY), which it does, then it must ALSO affect the blood supply to my cock - Yes ?
Now, I know that I’m old, but I don’t consider myself, by any means, through !!!

My routine therefore has been to use my pump every day, usually for 2 short sessions.
The pump-sellers suggestions were to do 12 sets in the first week, (doubling up in each subsequent week), to apply vacuum pressure at about 4”Hg max, to give full erection IN THE TUBE, hold for a time, (but increasing weekly times), pumping and releasing again.
This results in CHANGING the blood in your cock 12 times through the set. To me this made sense for my condition.

The Gains:
Well, I’m quite happy with what I have; if I can get my 8” BP back, then I’d be really happy !

I have a 9” x 1.875” tube (“standard issue”). This fits my size perfectly, but does not leave any room for future expansion, as the tube is packed as soon as I get erect.
IF I so decide, I may have to look “Stateside” for a larger tube (they’re too expensive here, and hard to get!), so my next step would be either a 2.25” or a 2.5 ” tube, and 9 or 10 ” will suffice, as I’m not really into exhibition sizes !
As things stand, I’m very very pleased with the results. This is my 4th week starting now, and although I’m not looking for massive gains, already, when I pump to 5”Hg, my cock head is just about half an inch from the top of the tube, which is OK by me. As I said, for girth, which I don’t really want to increase, already I’m “packing” the tube when on full pump, and that’s good enough for me.
I just have one thought, and it’s this: if I had a wider tube, would I be getting a better “circulation” of vacuum round my dick ? I think probably yes. As it is now, once I’m packed, the only further effect of pumping, is to place extra pressure on my glans, which being uncut, is terribly sensitive and tends to swell and blister, even at 4”Hg. I’m also getting quite a bit of foreskin elongation, though I’ve not bothered to measure it, and I assume it’s just temporary. Any thoughts ?

Hope this helps !

BTW: I think one of the most positive things for me, is the fact that I’m now very much more conscious of my kit; that’s to say, I find that the pumping makes me much bigger when flaccid, at almost 6”, which is a gain of sorts, but also it gives me a hell of a lot of confidence about myself - self-esteem if you like, having taken a big fall when I realized too late what the diabetes was doing to me.
I still have not got back the full morning wood yet, but it IS improving (o had a nice one this morning !), but I’m not sure about the nocturnal ones, perhaps I’ll need to test ! BTW: I’m not yet suffering from ED, but it’s certainly half-way there, which worries the hell out of me ! To try to combat that, I’m now taking extra mieral and vit supps; some of the good guys here suggested L-Arginine, in high does, and at present I’m restricting myself to the Arginine 500 mg on empty stomach, plus arginine/ornithene 1000mg at bedtime. This seems to be doing something, so I’m considering “upping” the dose, but I’m seeking more guidance before starting that.

I’ll keep you posted !

Please let me know how you are doing OK ?



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well i HOPE! you get you full size back and your nocturnal-morning erections GOOD LUCK!



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