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My first attempt at pumping


My first attempt at pumping

I managed to find a local distributor of the MityVac (despite the fact that MityVac’s rep told me that they had none here……..) and hooked it up to my ProQuatics 10 x 2 cylinder to attempt my first pump session today.

I was unsuccessfull. First off, it was extremely difficult to get my penis into the tube, despite the fact that I used plenty of lubricant on both my penis and the inside of the tube. This makes absolutely no sense because it’s a 2” diameter tube and my fully erect girth is 6” (that’s both base and midshaft). In addition, I went in only semi-erect.

Second, once in was inside the tube, it was obvious that I couldn’t get my full length inside. Rather, it felt like the bottom 1 inch of my partially erect penis was all scrunched up at the base, with the top 6 inches or so inside the tube. I pumped and pumped and pumped but could not get more than 7 inches inside the tube. (I’m 7.75 fully erect bone pressed).

In addition, the pump faded almost immediately. I had been thinking that once you pumped to a certain pressure, that pressure remained until the vacuum was released. Instead, I’d pump up, then watch as the pressure gauge would fall back to zero within seconds. Pump again, watch it fall back to zero within seconds.

My two thoughts are

a)I need a bigger cylinder - how this is possible I do not know (unless it’s because more of my girth is on the sides of my penis, i.e., it’s wider side to side than it is front to back - but isn’t this the case for everybody??)


b)I wasn’t getting an air tight seal at the base…..which makes little sense given that I could barely squeeze the thing on.

Any thoughts?

Maybe I should have just ordered a real cylinder from Vacu Tech or LA Pumps, inside of using this ghetto fish tank gravel tube.

Are you sure the leakage is around the base? My “ghetto” pump leaked in two places:

1.) through the brass fittings I have to reduce the tube from 1/2 inch to 1/4 inch. Now that I’ve tightened them with a crescent wrench they don’t leak.

2.) through the top, where the clear tube meets the blue piece the flexible tube fits onto. There I put a bead of clear silicone sealant around the inside juncture and let it dry. No leaky.

You might try taking the thing apart and testing different parts separately to determine where the leak is occuring.

Same comments as above - ikp is telling you aright …

I have built my pump, and had the same “leakage” issue which was secured with a bit of silicon (actually FORM-A-GASKET), which I also used to build my tube-end seal (a layer around the outside, then filling in until I had a good cushion) - I have a good suction now, and even though I have not taken a full 10-minutes at 5mmhg (per avocet recommendation), I am pretty happy with the “results”

I “hit” 6” in the tube last night, and filled it pretty well in girth (still saw a little bit of “daylight” around the edges). I tapes a clear ruler on the outside of the barrel, and mark my end stretch.

Also, I am “tapering down” from the pressure - in that I use the release lever to bleed off the vacuum a bit at a time, over about a minute. Sort of a slow decompression.

Perhaps you do need to look for a wider cylinder … and maybe you can find one at your local pet shop, or art shop (got a Hobby Lobby or something like it nearby?) to serve.

Keep up the exercise. I am glad that avocet encouraged me (I am a hard gainer) to add the pump to my routine. Maybe now I am on the way to 7”-

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Metal Ed;

Even if you are able to “tweak” your new pumping kit to get the vacuum pressure stabilized, it sounds like your ProAquatics tube is just too narrow for your girth.

To get a snug fit to hold the vacuum you need a tight seal at the base. You are not even getting a fit against your pubic bone. It may be that you are shaped such that you are wider ventrally than dorsally. Either way, the tube you have isn’t going to fit you.

I suggest you re-measure girth at the base of your shaft, take a look at the size chart at then either find a larger gravel cleaner (do they have one for guys who raise sharks?) or buy a conventional tube from a pump company in a size that is more appropriate.

Whatever, it’s good to have another pumper with us.



Thanks to all who replied.

I believe the problem is as Avocet suggested: I am wider ventrally than dorsally and need a wider tube.

With that in mind, I’ve searched the online pet shops and have found that the gravel vacuum tubes only go up to 2” diameter tubes. The extra large sizes continue to go up in length (up to 24” x 2”….. unfortunately I do not have a 2 foot long penis and so I have no use for this :) ) but not diameter.

So it turns out that I will need to do business with the pump companies after all.

Fortunately, I DO at least have a working MityVac that only cost me $25.99, as opposed to the insane mark-ups that the pump companies charge. So at the very least I save on that and only pay for the cylinders.

I believe I’ll do business with Vacu Tech. They do use MityVac pumps, so I figure a cylinder from them will go right along with my MityVac. Throw in some vinyl tubing and couplers, which they also sell separately, and I’m all set.

Thanks again to all. I look forward to talking “shop” with you all again, once I get the rest of my equipment.

With a 7.75 that won’t squeeze into 2” tube, you should get off this board. Life is too short to be wasted on PE.

Now, now.

For nearly everyone on this board, enough is seldom enough. It’s all in personal perception and that does not nessarily relate to realities.

We have a couple pumpers here and members in other forums who started out as large as many of us would enjoy being. We may not “get it” but they have the same issues as we.



Hahaha. Actually, Avocet, that felt GOOD to hear. :)

For the record, I didn’t start at 7.75. I have 4 months of manual PE under belt.

Doesn’t matter, Metal Ed, so long as you are doing okay with your own program. Equipment is important. It has to fit right and deliver the proper vacuum. After that, everything is on you.

Keep us posted. We love success stories.



I just got my equipment today and had my first pump session.

It went swimmingly. I only did 10 minutes at 3 inches Hg, heeding the advice to take it slowly at first. I followed this up with 10 minutes of easy jelqing.

It was definately looking good and thick during and after the pumping. No pain; actually it kind of felt good. I’m already looking forward to my next session tomorrow.

I didn’t see any lengthwise expansion, though. I’m sure that will come with time.

I also want to say that VacuTech handled everything extremely professionally. The packaging was totally discrete, the delivery was prompt. The prices did seem a bit high for the cylinders, but the bottom line is that I have good working equipment that will last me as long as I need it. They’ll only last me until I out grow them….. but I think that by that time they’ll have been well worth the money!

Metal Ed;

Glad to hear you are on the road with some worthwhile equipment for you.

Keep us posted on how it goes.



Hey Metal Ed,

How did you find the distributor of the MityVac?

COOL, Ed - my first workouts have been good as well. I like the feeling that I get in the tube (about 1 5/8 diameter) and while I am in the tube I certainly like what I see.

I am venier and darker (lots more blood in the beast) and fill the tube fully from side to side. I am tempted to go up in size (a local pet store has tubes up ro about 2”), but not until I see some steady size configuration.

AVOCET encouraged me to wait on resizing tubes until the one in current use is just totally insufficient. Good advice.

I have decided, though, that rather than let a perfectly good tube go to waste once I have finished with the current one, is to use it to provice some strength to the next size tube.

I noticed while shopping for what I have now (AQUA CULTURE / 1.63” X 9”) that as one steps up in size, the walls are the same thickness, and less stable. Thus, to provide for more strength, I will cut 1” strips from the “old” tube, split it so it will wrap around the new (might have to do some trimming) and glue it in place in a staggered fashion to add stability and strength. I believe that it will reduce the tendancy to “crush” as vacuum is applied.

Anyway, I like the pumping, and am trying to do so every evening I can (on 5, off 2). However, I am not always able to do so. OH WELL! (I add some light stretches before pumping, and a GOOD WARM UP [thanks AVOCET], with 5mmhg for 5min, then 100 strokes and back for 5min. A LONG WARM DOWN follows.

I am looking for this to be an answer to my HARD GAINER woes.


"Treason doth never prosper; what's the reason? For if treason prosper, none dare call it treason." - Harrington



Yeah, after calling MityVac and having them tell me that they had no local distributor in my area, I found an AutoZone 10 minutes away from where I live and promptly purchased the MityVac!

Don’t even bother calling MityVac; just go to your local AutoZone and get it.

I’m an idiot; why didn’t I do that in the first place?

Where do you live? For some reason I’m thinking that you said you were from Australia…..? No AutoZones there? Maybe I can buy one for you here in America and send it to you? The only problem would be the shipping expenses.

Depending on the shipping expenses, it may or may not be cheaper for you to simply order the MityVac from VacuTech. I don’t know; we’d have to get an estimate of the shipping costs from America to Australia. PM me if you want and we’ll discuss.


This pumping stuff could become really addictive - I can already see this. I’m loving the way it looks when I’m in the tube…… this really helps with visualizing my goals, BTW.

Here’s hoping that by combining short, repeated pumping sessions with manual work, we can make some real gains!

Hey, thanks for the nice reply Metal Ed! I live in Canada actually. I’ve never heard of AutoZone, I don’t think we have it here. I found a pump at another store, but it was about $85. I guess I should just keep trying some different auto shops, I don’t really know where to go though.

I would definitely order a MityVac from the internet or from you (thanks for the offer eh :) !) if I didn’t live with my parents. I guess it’s still a possibility, but I’ll have to think about it. For now I’ll just keep looking around here to see what I can find.

Goddamit, Pumping IS addictive, and I’ve only done it for one day!

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