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My cheap pump experiment


I am not a builder, but a user.. This was directed to builders ;)

Originally Posted by cbwtg01
Manage, that’s genius! $1 clamp, something like another buck in tubing, $8 for the gravel tube thing.. I probably need a hose barb, which I expect to pay way too much for, at, perhaps, $2.. So, a handy pumping solution for under $15. Not too shabby.

And Lampwick, I did indeed consult Gprent’s thread during my initial planning/dreaming phase, but thanks for the tip!

I can’t take the credit for that idea because I read it somewhere here.

Sucking on that tube starts to suck though, so you should check this page out, they also have retail stores, or any auto parts store will have one. You also will know what level you are pumping at.…temnumber=92474

So I just went out and bought a gravel cleaner. I sanded the edge down a little (still needs work, though) and gave it a 20 minutes try-out.

This is the method for me.
I felt HUGE afterwards! Thicker, heavier, longer… it’s been about 45 minutes and I’m also back to normal, but not quite. Anyway, it was a great experience, and I’ll be sticking to it. The next upgrade is the Harbor Freight pump so I can have a gauge, but I’m happy with this for right now.

Thanks for all the advice so far, guys.


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