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Mushroom Head and Doughnut

Mushroom Head and Doughnut

I’m currently using a 2” x 10” gravel siphon tube with a MityVac pump. I like to pump at low pressure (3 - 6” Hg) with breaks down to 1 - 2” Hg every 5 minutes or so. It’s comfortable and I do it for 2+ hours in bed at night. I’m uncut and usually get a 1/2 ” - 3/4” wide doughnut on my foreskin that completely fills up the inside of the tube, touching the walls on all sides. When I jerk the cylinder up and down, the doughnut acts like a little piston. Quite a kick and nice sensation. I’m fortunate in that my glans also swells up during these long pumping sessions, and the corona measures about 2” across and also seems to fill up the tube and touch the sides. Of course, the swelling is only temporary, and the doughnut is gone by morning. But, it feels great just after pumping. I haven’t had sex with with wife yet after one of these long pumping sessions. Almost did last night and expect to soon. I wonder how she’ll react to the temporary increased girth of the glans and doughnut. Anyone have any experiences they’d like to share? I also wonder if there are any harmful side effects with long pumping sessions and the resulting doughnuts and lymph buildup.

Also did a search on mushroom on the pumper’s forum and it was really interesting. But, I was surprised that so many guys reported that their glans didn’t expand much under pumping. Did I get this right?

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I also package pump. But, I think I like penis cylinder pumping the best for now. MC

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My glans expands the same as the rest of my penis. I also have had better success with the lower pressure. Gprent and others have been advocating that for a while, but I guess I had to find out for myself. In regard to the doughnut, have you tried condom pumping or the bicycle inner tube thing? If you don’t mind the doughnut, no problem, but the tube will help prevent that. Good luck

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I have been pumpng with a condom for about a month now. I cut the reservoir tip off, and slip the end over the glans to just below the sulcus ridge…this leaves the glans uncovered, but the shaft covered and contained by the condom.

It has completely stopped any build up of fluids and or any doughnuting.

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