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Mityvac MV8000 Input Needed

Mityvac MV8000 Input Needed

Hey TP,
I just bought a new mityvac to replace my old worn out pump that was held together with glue,bolts, and a lot of hope that it wouldn’t break. I could really use some input on what to look out for as far as wear and tear before I begin tweaking it. Already, I can tell that the compression spring is way to strong and needs to be cut back or replaced. I also think it would need a little glycerine lube on the inside to keep a tight seal.

Can anybody here tell me if you have had any problems with this product and if so what you would recommend I change?

Ughh, never mind.

While in disassembling the pump to check the compression spring I accidentally lost the little metal rod in the piston in my cushy chair(I think). I know I felt something small hit my right thigh while sitting down, then I believe it rolled into the crevice. I found and assembled everything except for that damn part and spent an hour searching the cracks and crevices throughout my chair. If anyone has any ideas on how to find it I would love to hear from you.

I decided to check back here after a few days, I have to say I’m disappointed.
Oh well on to my work.
I took my entire pump apart and built it back up while checking for faults. So far all I have found were two but two very important ones.

1) As mentioned before the spring is too strong. The reason for which is because it needs to be able to with stand pressures higher than the highest rating on the gauge. In this case the spring can probably with 31-35 psi before crushing into itself.
Heating the spring over a period of time or over working the material coul produce the metal fatigue needed. However, replacing the spring would be the wisest and easiest choice. Home-depot sells a mixed case for about $10. One of which I know will fit the pump with a third of the pressure.

2) I used my brand new pump for the first time yesterday then checked under the handle. Sure enough I saw evidence of chafing from the plastic on plastic rocker fulcrum. So a small piece of fabric or rubber referee to as “chaffing gear” would be needed to optimize the hand pumps longevity. At least for what we are using it for which wears the pump out faster than auto repair.
I am thinking about hot gluing two pieces of felt, or something thin enough to not off seat the handle.

The hand pump’s guide reccomends using either a synthetic oil that is silicone based or a salad oil (anything but petroleum based) to lube the rubber seals and piston, however almost any lube will do such as KY (glycerine and water based) or platnum WET (silicone based).

I also suggest replacing the hose at least once a year or whenever cracking appears.

MityVac 8000 Connection Question

I have done just a little pumping in the past but decided I wanted to pursue it more with my own equipment, but not spend a lot of money starting out. I bought a hose online, the Size Matter Companion Connector, and a MityVac 8000 pump.

I am not handy, regrettably. The end of the MityVac 8000 is ridged, like a screw; it is too big to fit into the end of the hose (the part of the hose with the silver “clamp” part). Can someone tell me how to make it connect? That is, is there a part or what?


Hi. I happen to be handy and use a mighty vac at work and home. You can either force the hose on the barb(good luck getting it back off.) or go to a local parts store and pick up a vacuum line fitting. You can get it so one end fits the hose you have and the other side fits a piece of hose that will fit the mighty Vac.

Thank you for the response and the suggestions; will give it a try.

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